Pop Price Guide / hobbyDB Volunteer Squad Reaches Several Milestones

Pop Price Guide

Maintaining such a vast database of your favorite collectibles is no easy task, but one that is tackled every day by our dedicated team of volunteers.

Known as the Squad, our team recently reached a pair of milestones that will not only benefit PPG users, but those who collect outside of Funko, as well.

The best part is, your Pop Price Guide username and password also grants you free access to hobbyDB. There you can manage and view, not just your Funko valuables, but whatever else fuels your collecting passion.

On hobbyDB, you’ll find more than 27,000 Funko items in addition to more than 535,000 items from Hot Wheels, Lego and much, much more. 

Thank you, Squad!

A few of their recent accomplishments – 

100K UPCs!

Fans of the hobbyDB / Pop Price Guide App you’ll now find more than 100,000 UPC codes on database items.

The app is a scanner tool designed to simplify in-store research and to make adding items to your collection easier.


Download the Android or iPhone version here!

hobbyDB App


150K Prices!

What’s a price guide without prices? Our Squad recently hit the 150,000 mark for collectibles that have been assigned price points in the database. That means more items with prices and more accurate estimated values on your favorite collectibles. 

Join the Squad!

Would you like to become a member of the Pop Price Guide Volunteer Squad? Our team consists of curators and contributors who add items and prices to the PPG and hobbyDB databases. The Squad also ensures the accuracy of items, subjects and more.

Each week, the Squad also takes part in our Quest Challenge program to edit and add items to the database. In return, members earn shiny new badges for their PPG and hobbyDB Showcases.

If this sounds like a good fit for you, let us know by messaging us at support@hobbydb.com!

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