New Feature Alert: Search Most Owned Pop Price Guide Items

Pop Price Guide

Ever wonder just how common or rare some of your collectibles might be?

We’ve added to our search capabilities with the introduction of filtering items by Most and Least owned on Pop Price Guide.

The filter joins other search abilities such as Alphabetic, Dates Added and Released, Estimated Value and Reference Number. And coming soon, a search filter for Wish Lists.


Pop Price Guide


The Most Owned filter (and all of the other filters) can be applied to any subject. Want to know the most-owned Pop! Disney figure?

From the Pop! Disney subject page, click the search filter dropdown menu and simply select Owned: Most.

Spoiler…the most-owned Pop! Disney figure Hot Wheels Mainline is Buzz Lightyear (20th Anniversary) with 19,621 owns!


Toy Story


Remember, ownership relies on the honor system. We have no way to verify who owns what.

Give it a try and let us know what you think!


The Top-10 Most-Owned Funko Pop! Figures Currently on PPG


10. Dr. Emmett Brown (1955 – w/ Jumper Cables (27,159 owned)

Back to the Future


9. Harley Quinn (27,539)

DC Comics


8.  Iron Man Mark 43 (27,856)

Marvel Comics


7. Venom (28,329)

Marvel Comics


6. Kylo Ren (28,366)

Star Wars


5. Deadpool (28,473)

Marvel Comics


4. Yoda (Spirit) (28,965)

Star Wars


3. Vegeta (29,179)

Dragon Ball Z


2. BB-8 (34,070)

Star Wars


1. Dancing Groot (White) (35,604)


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