Pop Price Guide Partners with Vaulted Vinyl for Premium Funko Pop! Protection and Display

We here at Pop Price Guide want to make sure your Funko Pop! figures are well protected. With that in mind, we’re proud to announce our latest partnership with Vaulted Vinyl.

Vaulted Vinyl wants to elevate your collecting experience with innovative Pop! protectors and display vaults. Now which you’ll be able to find via the Pop Price Guide Marketplace.

We recently chatted with founder Shane Kemp to learn more about him and Vaulted Vinyl.

When was Vaulted Vinyl founded?

Vaulted Vinyl was founded in 2018 after my baseball career ended. I had dreamt about being a baseball player since I was a kid. I worked my way up the ranks – from tee ball to a Division I college – before I was drafted by the Pittsburgh Pirates in the 2015 MLB Draft. I chased down my dream. When that came to an end, I started Vaulted Vinyl. It’s what arose from the ashes.

What inspired its creation?

I started collecting Funko Pops when I was playing pro ball. As I got more passionate about my Pops, I started to connect with my collection the way I did with my baseball cards as a kid. I was meticulous about keeping my pops in order, making sure the box was in good condition, making sure they were displayed well. Attention to detail matters. If you’re a collector, you know what I’m talking about.

I enjoyed Funko Pops. I enjoyed collecting. I enjoyed buying and selling. But what I loved is the way it made me feel. I’m a collector. When my baseball career came to an end, I saw an opportunity to do something in the community that I loved, in Funko Pops, in collectibles. I wanted to create something that other people like myself would enjoy. I was immersed in the space and I knew what it felt like to be gripped by the passion for collecting. I knew that I could build something, create value for collectors. So really, that was my inspiration. I knew that if I was feeling this way about the products and about collectibles in general, that there was going to be other people out there that felt the same thing.

Vaulted Vinyl

Tell me about the Display Vaults and what are some of the features that fans love about them.

The Display Vaults are a really interesting and innovative product. They started as the Original Pop Vault, without the window, as a carrying case to safely store your Funko Pops at home or on the road. As the Original Pop Vault became more popular, our customers and other collectors gave us great feedback that eventually transformed it into the Display Vault that you see today, with the display window. It’s now available in two sizes.

What’s so cool about this product is that it’s made specifically for your grails. Everyone has those few Pops that they can point to as the centerpieces of their collection, the Pops that make them really feel something. Those are the Pops that you want to highlight, to put on a pedestal. The Display Vault is that pedestal. 

A lot of collectors use social media, particularly Instagram, to connect with other collectors. It’s an awesome way to share your favorites in your collection. And that’s part of what makes collecting special, is that there are other collectors like you out there. And while we each have our own unique journey in life, there’s a common bond between collectors. Everyone shares the passion of going after Pops you love, maybe you even have the same dream Pops in mind. Our journeys are different, but they overlap and are intertwined. Sharing your passion, your collection, your notes with the community – that’s what makes it special. When you join those communities, online or in person, you can share that part of yourself with other people. What people love most about the Display Vaults is that they connect the two. It’s a product that really allows you to show off your collection, flex them with the broader community, and keep them safe. They look amazing, too.


Vaulted Vinyl


What’s your most popular selling product?

Our V2 Premium Protectors have caught fire throughout the Funko Pop community. We released the protectors in October 2019 at New York Comic Con. The protectors are an embodiment of our mission to innovate and elevate the collecting experience. This is a product that moved the industry forward.

We approached the revamping of the soft protector from multiple angles. We designed them with our specially made material that is ultraviolet light and scratch resistant, that keeps your collection looking better for longer. Our flat tops allow for hassle-free stacking and the reinforced edges provide durability and peace of mind when handling, displaying, or moving your collection. Most of all, collector’s love them. They rise above the physicality.

Far more than a protector, the V2 Premium Protector embodies the essence of what Vaulted Vinyl is at its core. It’s a product that collectors are proud to have and to own. They are proud to put their collection in them. We sweat the details. We believe excellence matters.

We work with the feedback from our Vaulted Vinyl community (our VV crew) and design products that elevate the collecting experience and make collectors feel great. It’s with their help that we drive the brand’s evolution forward. It really feels like the entire VV crew is on board with us because they are. To have a crew like that behind you, it’s incredibly special. We are honored. We can feel it.


              Vaulted VinylVaulted Vinyl


What do you and your team personally collect?

As I mentioned before, baseball has always been a passion of mine. Baseball is the thing that lit the fire within me. Even though I never made it to the Major Leagues, I achieved that dream of making it to the professional ranks. So, it makes sense that baseball Pops are the cornerstone of my collection, because they are the intersection of my passions. My grail is my limited edition (1 of 24) Bronze Ken Griffey Jr., which is signed with the inscription “HOF 16”.  That is my ‘one.’

Sports pops are the common thread between my team and myself. We all have a background in sports in one way, shape or form. Our collectibles feed that sense of nostalgia we all have, it’s what makes our collections really a part of who we are. They tell our story. Whether it be basketball, football, baseball or anything else, the cornerstones of our collections are the pieces that really highlight who we are now and what has shaped us along the way.


Vaulted Vinyl 

Anything else you’d like to add?

For those who may not know about Vaulted Vinyl:

We are on a mission to innovate and elevate your collecting experience through an evolution of remarkable products. 

Here is how we view it:

Vaulted Vinyl is the collector’s brand. Our team is a two-part equation, us and the collector. Through constant user feedback, testing, and putting ourselves in the minds of collectors, we design and engineer top quality products that collectors love and are proud to own.

In its most basic form:

  • We create new and innovative products that you love and feel great about.
  • We create products that we are proud to put our name on.

We are building a brand that you can believe in and trust a brand that is worthy of your collection.

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