Most-Valuable Funko Pop! Moms on Pop Price Guide this Mother’s Day

Funko Mother's Day

All mothers are worth their weight in gold. When it comes to the world of Funko, however, some moms are simply more valuable.

We’re celebrating Mother’s Day with a look at some of our favorite Moms from the worlds of movies, television and beyond.

We’ve selected a handful of our favorite and their most-valuable Funko Pop! figure according to the latest Pop Price Guide estimated values.

Remember, estimated values are always fluctuating, especially as we add more and more price points to the guide to ensure its accuracy. For each Pop! below, click the character name to see the most-current values for that character/person. Select the image to see that specific Pop! figure.

Thank you for all you do, Mom!

Claire Dunphy ($7)

Modern Family


Jackie Kennedy ($7)

Jackie Kennedy


Jane Jetson ($15)

The Jetsons


Cersei Lannister ($19)

Game of Thrones


Morticia Addams ($22)

The Addams Family


Crows Have Eyes Moira ($23)

Schitts Creek


Lucy (Factory) ($23)

I Love Lucy


Elastigirl ($30)

The Incredibles


Ellen Ripley ($30)



Wendy Torrance ($35)

The Shining


Peggy Bundy (Leopard Print) ($36)

Married with Children


Sophia Petrillo (Hurricane ’91) ($37)

The Golden Girls


Gemma Teller Morrow ($39)

Son's of Anarchy


Linda Belcher ($45)

Bob's Burgers


Lady and the Tramp (2-Pack) ($49)



Scarlet Witch (Avengers 2) ($75)

Marvel Comics


Lily Munster ($80)

The Munsters


Lorelai Gilmore ($100)

The Gilmore Girls


Molly Weasley – The Burrow [NYCC] ($125)

Harry Potter


Fred & Wilma Flintstone ($155)

The Flintstones


Daenerys Targaryen (Gold Dragon) ($180)

Game of Thrones


Padme Amidala ($210)

Star Wars


Marge Simpson ($470)

The Simpsons

Happy Mother’s Day from Pop Price Guide!

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