Adding Graded Items and COAs to your Pop Price Guide Collection

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We’ve created the ability to add both Graded Items and Certificates of Authenticity to items in your Pop Price Guide collection. 

Graded collectibles are items that have been assessed by a reputable company and assigned a grade depending on condition and other qualifiers.

Certificates of Authenticity (COAs) are common in the collectibles industry and validate an item’s genuineness.

Adding Graded items and COAs

Designating a Graded item or adding a COA to your Pop Price Guide collection is easy.

Use the filters in your Collection Management page to locate your item. Once found, click the Actions dropdown menu on the right side and select Edit.

From there, by clicking “Yes,” you can specifically tailor your Graded items according to close to 50 different respected grading companies – with any missing ones coming soon.

Pop Price Guide Graded Items

The same goes for adding COAs. Clicking “yes” allows you to designate Authenticating Companies and certificate numbers. 

Pop Price Guide

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10 thoughts on “Adding Graded Items and COAs to your Pop Price Guide Collection

  1. Don’t know if it’s possible, but can the grade and COA be represented on the total value? There can be slot for the price for just the pop, then the signature/COA, then the grade itself. It sucks not adding that into account.

  2. The vvgs shouldn’t be included in this. They’re not professionals. No training no experience. Just some guy in his basement taking money throwing a random grade. Thinking everyone else is obligated to do the work for him

    1. If you have a collectible that is graded by a Grading Company you should be able to add that fact. That is not an endorsement of that company. We will be adding every company that grades regardless of our view of that company’s work.

  3. Thank you for letting us know that you still intend to list VVGS. They have been known to certify and authenticate fraudulent items in the Funko Community and were called out for it on multiple occasions. While I understand from your business perspective that it makes sense to be all inclusive, adding a company that isn’t reputable for certification defeats the purpose.

    1. It absolutely does not and has nothing to do with business.

      If a PPG user wants to get her or his item graded by a company and document that she or he has done that then that is their business and not ours (or yours). If somebody wants to list an item for sale graded by a grading company then that is their business. And if somebody wants to buy that item that is their choice. Even if they were found to be fraudulent in a court of law we would offer this option (but also explain that that was a fact that would be important to know).

      When it is time to show values for graded items (like we plan to do shortly for Comics) then reputation becomes a very big factor and we will certainly not include all grading companies.

  4. I know this the Star Wars blue box prices are way off. So that needs to be fixed first Your site can’t distinguish between the sale of an go original blue box English font only as well as If its the first 500 with a glow in the dark lightsaber. Which is an Easter egg. THAT NEEDS FIXED FIRST. Yes the pops should be graded and have value for that as well GRADED MEANS A TON

    1. I think we can (and that we are the only site that does). But feel free to join the Squad and help to make the site better? If you care we love to have you on the inside. Otherwise if you think there are Price Points that are problematic you can flag them and one of the Squad member will review them.

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