Tax Day 2021: Pop Price Guide Marketplace Suggestions for Spending Your Refund

PPG Marketplace

Today is supposed to be Tax Day in the United States, but, because of the global pandemic, the IRS has bumped this year’s deadline back to May 17.

Even with the extra 32 days, it’s never too early to start dreaming about what you’d like to spend your refund on…after you take care of the important stuff, of course.

Might we suggest some of the great items found in the Pop Price Guide Marketplace?

We take a few moments on this tax season to take a look at some of our favorite deals currently found on PPG.

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Eddie Guerrero

Did you miss out when WWE legend Eddie Guerrero dropped recently at GameStop?


Sisu (Glow in the Dark)

According to PPG Marketplace seller Pops R Here, this Sisu (Glow in the Dark) Walmart exclusive is in “Minty Fresh” condition.

Disney Raya


Snake Plissken (Machine Gun)

The Funko Soda Snake Plissken (Machine Gun) chase piece is quite refreshing.

Escape From New York


Deadman [ECCC]

Make your collection come alive with ECCC exclusive Deadman!

DC Comics

Clifford (Flocked)

Is your collection truly as fuzzy as it can be?

Clifford Big Red Dog

Babu Frik (10-Inch)

The little guy gets a big Pop! figure.Star Wars

Billy and Tommy (Halloween) (2-Pack) [Spring Convention]

Twice the trouble and twice the fun when Billy and Tommy get together.

Marvel WandaVision


DJ Lance Rock (Glow in the Dark)

Yo! (Gabba Gabba) add DJ Lance Rock to your collection with this deal!Yo Gabba Gabba

Dirk Nowitzki

This deal is a slam dunk…or is it a three-pointer?NBA Dallas Mavericks

Jason (Red Ranger) (Austin St. John Autograph)

You’ll only find this Jason (Red Ranger) signed by Austin St. John as a Monthly Pops sold exclusively via Pop Price Guide!

Monthly Pops

2 thoughts on “Tax Day 2021: Pop Price Guide Marketplace Suggestions for Spending Your Refund

  1. When are you guys going to add the new Space Jam pops to the database? They’re available to pre-order, yet you don’t have them listed to be able to add to Wishlists.

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