Introducing Long-time Pop Price Guide Partner 7 Bucks A Pop!

7 Bucks A Pop

We’re always looking for ways to introduce amazing people and items to the Pop Price Guide community. So we’re beyond thrilled to welcome and present to you our friends at 7 Bucks A Pop, who join us among the latest amazing partners in the PPG multiverse.

Good friend Lee Biars founded 7 Bucks A Pop in 2017 as a way to meet a demand for reasonably-priced Pop! figures.

Since then, 7 Bucks A Pop has branched out with many great features, including specialized PopShield Protectors, the exclusive 7BAP Signature Series, and Mystery Grail, which is the new Funko Pop mystery box that’s taking the hobby by storm.

The 7BAP Signature Series autographed Pops can now be found on Pop Price Guide.

PopShield Protectors

With the 7BAP PopShield Protectors, you can find a protective case that’s perfectly customized to defend your favorite Pop! figures from any outside harm.

The best part? We are working with 7BAP to make it so that you can find the exact size protector you need directly from the item’s Pop Price Guide item page.

7 Bucks a Pop

See the wide variety of Protectors sizes here.

7BAP Signature Series

If you’re a fan of autographed Pop! figures, then the 7BAP Signature Series almost assuredly has something for you.

Each week, 7 Bucks A Pop drops a new autographed figure with several variants of varying rarities — all of which arrive with an exclusive box sticker and COA. Recent drops include Giancarlo Esposito, Chevy Chase and Christopher Lloyd, as well as Ralph Macchio and William Zabka.

7 Bucks A PopShopify

Lee and 7 Bucks A Pop are also avid users of the hobbyDB Shopify App to list items on both the hobbyDB and Pop Price Guide Marketplace. That means his listings will link directly to his Shopify storefront. 

In addition, 7 Bucks A Pop will be the first Shopify customer to share their own pricing data, furthering the accuracy of the price guide.

Discover more via the 7 Bucks A Pop website here.

7 Bucks A Pop
7 Bucks A Pop headquarters

6 thoughts on “Introducing Long-time Pop Price Guide Partner 7 Bucks A Pop!

  1. Regarding pricing data, how will PPG/hobbyDB handle regarding condition? The price for an item depends on the condition (e.g., slight discount for minor damage, more for major damage). How will this affect the data you use?

  2. We currently only do Near Mint or better but have plans to change that to show more condition degrees (for example near mint but no package).

  3. You still have not added the signed Gus Fring 167 Dead from 7bap to the database. It’s a 2 piece only variant to the signed Gus Frings from 7bap.

    1. Email us some good images and other info you have, please. Use the green button on the right-hand side for this.

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