All-Star PPG Volunteer Javier Serrano and Funko’s History of Co-Branding


We’d like to extend a special shout-out to hobbyDB Squad member Francisco Javier Serrano, who recently reached some lofty team goals.

PPG BadgesKnown by user name, FJaviserr, Javier is the first Squad member to reach 100,000 prices assigned. That’s in addition to becoming the first member to earn nine badges, which is no easy feat.

Funko Co-Branding

But Javier’s expertise doesn’t end there. He recently shared his thoughts with us on the history of co-branding between Funko and its variety of partners.

Javier’s guest blog post delves into the worlds of some of our favorite Funko lines ranging from Dorbz, Hikari and ReAction to Vinyl Idolz, Playmobil and PEZ.

Read more about Funko’s history of co-branding over on our own partner blog at hobbyDB by clicking here.

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