Inside the Many Worlds of Mitchel Wu Toy Photography

Mitchel Wu

Mitchel Wu crafts stories through his toy photography using real-time effects to create entirely new worlds.

His labor of love has been commissioned by many, ranging from the likes of Disney, Marvel and Funimation, as well as Hasbro, Hot Wheels and lots more.

Wu graciously took some time recently to answer some questions about toy photography and offer some tips for shooting your own images.

How and when did you get started in photography?

Prior to toy photography, I was a wedding and portrait photographer for seven or eight years. In 2015 my daughter Angie was entering high school and I realized I had a limited number of weekends left to spend with her before she headed to college. Weddings are weekend killers so I decided to stop shooting them.

I serendipitously came across toy photography at almost the exact same time. Although I felt toy photography was strange, I was thoroughly intrigued by it. We all played with toys as kids, but most of us eventually grew out of them and moved on to other things. Rediscovering toys as an adult has been amazing. Once I took my first toy photo I was hooked and never looked back.

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Mitchel Wu

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