New Pop Price Guide App Available now via the Apple Store


You asked and we listened! Introducing our first foray into the world of mobile applications.

Thanks to the hard work of Zack Fisher, hobbyDB partner and Founder of the Toy Collector App, we’re now able to offer our initial app, which we will improve over time.

Over the years, we’ve asked the community what was most important in terms of an app for collectors. Through those conversations, we learned that the number one requested feature was a UPC Scanner, by far. So ask and you shall receive –

The Pop Price Guide App

Pop Price Guide App

The new app offers quick access to the hobbyDB and Pop Price Guide websites by utilizing a simple UPC scanner.

If you are a Pop Price Guide member, you will also be able to access your collections through the app on hobbyDB.

When in the app, simply use your camera phone and hover over the UPC code on the collectible’s packaging. Once the barcode is scanned, as long as the UPC code is in the database, you’ll see the matching collectible within the app. From there you can learn more information about the item, see it’s value, and add it to your collection.

When you’re in the app, you can then create your own QR code to easily share a custom URL from your personal Showcase.

The app will also grant you direct access to the hobbyDB Blog to keep you up-to-date on all the latest news.

For now, you can download the Pop Price Guide / hobbyDB app from within the Apple Store here.



The Android version is in work and we expect to release it in February (we cannot wait to let you know).

These days, just about every item has a UPC code. The Pop Price Guide app will read the barcode with the price sign on it. Our squad has been hard helping to add UPC codes to the PPG database (we did not have these in the past) and it is now standard procedure for new POP!s.  Get in touch if you like to help with this!

As a reminder, this is part of our effort to make the entire mobile experience better and is our initial step into image and text recognition. So we’d like to know what additional features you’d like to see implemented into the mobile experience.

Comment below with your suggestions or message us, along with any questions or concerns, — or if you would like to join our team — at

21 thoughts on “New Pop Price Guide App Available now via the Apple Store

    1. The Android version is in work and we expect to release it in February (we cannot wait to let you know). DB posted this between the two icons for Apple Store and Play Store 🙂

    1. Hi, we will email you to find out more. Anybody else if you find an issue please let us know via the Green button here on the right. Thanks!

  1. Why would you choose to design the app for iOS first when it only has 25% market share among mobile devices. You are working on funding and making things better, but then choose to alienate 75% of your users by designing for iOS first.

    1. For 3 reasons –

      1. iOS is 53% of our users (we check this regularly, below the numbers from this morning).

      2. Zack build the app for free and that helped a lot!

      3. We had to change the developer that we chose as contractor to port the app to Android as they did not deliver as expected and that introduced a delay and we rather like some of our users to have a tool (and help us improve it) versus none.

      1. Thanks guys for doing this! This is a free app for a free service, while I’d love to have it now I can wait for another month.

    1. Generally retailers use the same UPC as the manufacturer (it enters their IT system with it). But do let us know if you run into any issues.

    1. Hi Joe, what are you waiting for? We have got an iOS and an Android app with both now have seen more than 10 upgrades and a total of 230,000 downloads.

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