New “Coming Soon” Page plus Trade & Pre-Order Tracker now Available on PPG

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When it comes to collecting Pop! figures, browsing items that are coming out in the near future is part of the fun.

Search FilterWith that in mind, we’ve revamped our Coming Soon page.

Under the old system, items needed to be added manually, which was cumbersome and sometimes caused us to miss items added by other users.

The new Coming Soon page is sorted by newest and will always be up-to-date.

The page is based around our new features that now allow users to filter by Date Produced (i.e. when did Funko produce it), as well as the current Date Added (when it was added to our database). You can also sort by Estimated Value, reference number or just alphabetically.

Produced FilterAnd, even better, Sorts can be combined with Searches or applied on a Subject. For example, you can search for all SDCC 2019 in Subjects and then sort the Subject by Estimated Value or search for Batman and then sort by Produced: Oldest to see which ones came first.

We will eventually phase-out the Coming Soon link on the Home Page as you can just as easily bookmark your own personalized Coming Soon searches.

Track Your Trades and Pre-Orders

Keeping track of your pre-orders, trades and other transaction statuses (among others) is now easier.

To designate an item as such, simply click to edit the desired item in your collection management page and fill-in the area marked for Storage Location.

From there you’ll easily be able to filter your pre-orders, trades, etc. accordingly using those keywords.

See our help page for more details.

Search Filter

There are plenty of more exciting features on the way. We promise to keep you up-to-date on all the latest as we continue to work hard at making Pop Price Guide THE Funko site that you know and love.

As always, please reach out to us with any questions or concerns by messaging us at or by clicking the green Contact hobbyDB button located on the right side of every page.

5 thoughts on “New “Coming Soon” Page plus Trade & Pre-Order Tracker now Available on PPG

  1. If we make a new storage location called “Pre-orders,” is there a way to then hide that storage location on the Collection page? And would the items in that storage location count towards my total item count and estimated value?

    1. You can mark these items as private and they will not show to others in your Showcase (but they will show to you). Re total count and estimated value we would have to build that (we might build a proper in transit feature once we have more time which would do all of this).

    1. Yeah, unfortunately this was removed a while ago. When the site was renewed, I asked if they could bring the feature back and as a response they asked for feedback about this from other users. Haven’t heard anything about it since.

      1. A few comments here –

        – Funko does not communicate Vault dates anymore
        – Users that know can add a End Date to the production (the Vaulting day) if known
        – Funko seems to reissue items that were vaulted so it seems to have lost value as information

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