Inside the Numbers: Looking Back at the Most Popular Funko Items from 2020

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The year is (mercifully) drawing to a close.

And while there are a lot of things about 2020 that we’d like to forget, it was another strong year for Funko, who helped keep us sane with thousands of new items. 

More than 3,900 new items, in fact, that can now be found in the Pop Price Guide database.

So before we look forward to next year, we’d like to take a glance back inside the numbers from 2020 and at some of the most popular Funko items from the year that was.

2020 at a Glance

Most Valuable Pop! Figures of the Year

*Determined by PPG Estimated Value

  1. Baby Milo (Flocked) – $1,500
  2. Boba Fett Art Series – $680
  3. Freddy Funko (Social Media) (Jacket) – $540
  4. Loch Ness Monster (Glow in the Dark) (ECCC) – $460Freddy Funko
  5. Freddy Funko (NYC) (Pizza Shirt) – $450
  6. Cheshire Cat at the Mad Tea Party – $370
  7. Toucan (Astronaut) (Red) (SDCC) – $360

Gnarly! Jeff Spicoli (Trophy) earns the dubious award of being the least valuable Pop! from 2020, with an estimated value of $1.

Top 10 Pop! Figures Added to PPG Users’ Wish Lists in 2020

  1. Planet Arlia Vegeta – 1,264 adds
  2. Super Saiyan God Goku – 1,185
  3. Freddie Mercury (Wembley 1986) – 1,181
  4. Tenya – 1,150
  5. Ochaco (Masked) – 1,126
  6. Venom – 1,060
  7. General Grievous – 1,059
  8. Golden Frieza (Black Eyes) [Summer Convention] – 1,045
  9. Golden Frieza (Red Eyes) – 1,017
  10. Billy (Halloween) – 1,010

Are you among the 202 PPG users who have Clockwork Orange (Glow in the Dark) in their collections? If so, congrats on owning the most-valuable Pop! figure listed on Pop Price Guide at an eye-popping (see what we did there?) $13,300.

Most Valuable Pop! Figures of 2020 per Funko line

*Determined by PPG Estimated Value

Top 10 Most-Owned Pop! Figures on PPG through 2020

  1. Dancing Groot (White) – 35,646 owned
  2. BB-8 – 34,190
  3. Vegeta – 29,187
  4. Yoda (Spirit) – 29,052
  5. Deadpool – 28,504
  6. Venom – 28,486
  7. Kylo Ren – 28,431
  8. Iron Man Mark 43 – 27,972
  9. Harley Quinn – 27,517
  10. Dr. Emmett Brown (1955 – w/ Jumper Cables) – 27,194

It was another great year at Pop Price Guide with lots more planned for the coming months. Help us build the ultimate resource and community for Funko collectors by becoming a member of the Pop Price Guide squad. If interested, message us at

8 thoughts on “Inside the Numbers: Looking Back at the Most Popular Funko Items from 2020

  1. I like how 202 people “own” the Gitd Clockwork Orange that is limited to 12 pieces. You guys should verify high-value, low qty pieces like this.

    1. How would we possibly do that? I have no idea why some folks would say they have an item if they don’t but they obviously do.

      1. Alex Delarge (Clockwork Orange #4) was released at unknown time. There were 24 made (12 common 12 chase). All of them were signed by Brian Mariotti. The legend said that 6 chase were given by Mariotti to the biggest Pop! Collectors. If your Pop! Is not signed, it is fake.

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