Soda Figure Artist Proofs, maybe you got one?

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Recently identified are Soda Figure Artist Proofs, a previously unannounced addition to the Funko Soda Figures line, and they are out in the wild! Like Funko prototype figures, they are incredibly rare with possibly only one per Soda Figure.

These were the Soda Figures completed and submitted for the artist’s approval before production and were used as a guide during the production process. They were initially set aside for giveaways at special events like the next Funko Fundays. When Comic Cons and Funko Fundays were canceled in 2020 due to concerns about COVID-19, the Artist Proof figures were reportedly released along with the common and chase Soda Figures sold at Funko HQ.

An Artist Proof Soda Figure can be identified by the cardboard disc inside the packaging. The disc will show the picture of either the common or chase figure on one side like all other Soda Figures, but on the reverse it will show the letters AP instead of the numeric distribution ratio.

Here are the four we have so far.  If you find any add them or comment here with images, please!

57 thoughts on “Soda Figure Artist Proofs, maybe you got one?

  1. Excellent job! It is an amazing contribution. Thank you very much for the information, it is very helpful. When I read the article, I knew I saw something similar before. Look at these beauties:

  2. Hi, I recently purchased two AP Funko sodas. I am including the photos and the receipt of the purchases. I couldn’t find them on PPG when trying to figure out a values.

  3. Was blessed with this beauty from a Twitter Funko Giveaway. They said it would be a regular soda from the first wave but holy crap I was in for a surprise.

  4. I got a Roboto AP from a giveaway from Funko on Twitter. It was sealed so I don’t know if they ment to give it to me or not. Lol. But I’m a huge MOTU collector so it fit right in with my collection!

    1. Awesome!! I have the common AP Roboto if you would want to buy it. I don’t collect MOTU or we can trade if you have Star Wars stuff. Please let me know if you are interested. Thanks

      1. May we ask you to offer it on the PPG Marketplace? This is how we pay the bills. You can make it Best Offer Only if you cannot think of what you want for it.

      1. There are at least 2 AP’s for most sodas. One for domestic market and one for international market.

        That being said. The chips are different for Dom/Int, so two identical chips is a little Suss.

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