Pop Price Guide to Expand Autographed Funko Pop! Database

Chevy Chase

When it comes to adding autographed items to Pop Price Guide, you (the loyal PPG users) wanted it (badly).

We started by adding easy ones. These were signed Funko items with their own series, stickers and quantities from trusted distributors and partners such as 7 Bucks A Pop and ToyZilla.

Now we’ve begun to introduce a wider variety of signed items. And have some other fun features arriving soon.


Categorizing Signed Items

All autographed Pop! figures signed by the same person, will be found in the database as a Subvariant of its original Funko item. So, for example, all signed copies of Pop! Clark Griswold #242 signed by Chevy Chase will be assigned to the same database entry, regardless if they had been signed in red or white pen or on the top or the front and named Clark Griswold (Signed by Chevy Chase).

Only logical signatures will be accepted. By that, we mean items autographed by actors, designers and artists, or anyone specifically related to that item. In this instance, probably only Chevy Chase. If you have this item signed by anybody else, we will not be able to accommodate it at the moment (but have some plans for later).  We do this to help limit the number of these new Signature Subvariants to one or two per item.


Coming Soon

We will be adding a new Subject field on each database entry which we’ll call “Signed By.” This will allow users to find all items (Pop!s, comics, film posters etc) autographed by a specific person, in addition to only signed items for sale in the Pop Price Guide Marketplace.

Once there are a few hundred of these in the system, we will create a unique Signature Variant option for each item. See the mock-up here.


That way you can easily see if there are Signature Variants and if you don’t care for them you don’t have to see them.


You can help

This is a massive undertaking and we could always use more help. If becoming a part of the team is of interest to you, let us know by messaging us at team@poppriceguide.com or by clicking the green Contact hobbyDB button on the right side of every page.

19 thoughts on “Pop Price Guide to Expand Autographed Funko Pop! Database

  1. Ppg: should we add autographed pops to the system?

    Nearly everyone: Nooooooo!

    Ppg: OK we’ve added autographed pops to the system.

        1. Ryder,

          I see the listing you are referring to. It seems the Toyzilla autographed Pop was added because they are a partner or trusted distributor of HobbyDB. I think Zobie would need to be one such partner to have their items added. If not, it will just be general autographs, but I could be mistaken. Sorry I couldn’t be of any further assistance but I’ll keep an eye on autographed Kurogiri items for you to get them into the database but I suspect it will just be general autographs unless a company is a partner.


      1. Maybe they do that? I know that on top of selling autographed pops like Kurogiri they have mystery pulls for signed items. In the one I did I got Goku and Chi Chi’s wedding pic signed by Chi Chi’s voice actress.

      1. Sadly It isn’t or at least not yet. What happened was Elvira doing a signature with purchase as part of a Halloween convention release in Florida. The promoter made some… questionable decisions holding a good deal back and selling the others in advance of the event causing most of the 1500 to not be presented to Elvira for signing and sold as intended. The promoters un-signed stash was confiscated by funko and then sold without signature on the funko site. The signed ones are super rare.

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