Happy Thanksgiving from the Pop Price Guide Team


All too often, it feels as if Thanksgiving is merely a speed bump between Halloween and the holiday season.

In 2020, however, it could be argued that Thanksgiving is needed now more than ever.

DeadpoolWe here at Pop Price Guide are grateful for a cornucopia full of things this Thanksgiving.

We’re thankful for family, friends and loved ones. As well as our fellow collectors, who almost always seem to fit into one of the three aforementioned categories.

Today we’d like to express our appreciation for our contributors, curators and price squad members. You guys are the mashed potatoes, stuffing and all the Thanksgiving accoutrements at the PPG table, which has plenty of room for more. Message us at support@hobbydb.com you’d like to join the team.

We’re grateful for those of you who joined the PPG family by becoming an investor as part of our second round of crowdfunding. See how you can get involved here.

We’re thankful that you share with us the same passion for all things collectible, from flocked and chromed to scented and glow-in-the-dark and beyond.

Stay safe this Thanksgiving and remember to treat others with kindness and respect. 

Happy Thanksgiving from the Pop Price Guide team.

Now, please pass the pumpkin pie.

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