PPG Poll: Should Infinite Scrolling Come to Pop Price Guide?

This is one post you’re not going to want to simply “scroll” through.

After the migration to a more modern software platform, we now have the ability to update existing features more easily, while also creating new ways for you to share in the complete collecting experience.

The previous version of Pop Price Guide allowed you to see all of your items on one page. But if you had a few hundred items, you will also remember that it became slower and slower to load — for some users taking up to three minutes to appear.

That being said, it is nice to see more items and not have to click Next Page all the time. We’re looking into re-introducing something similar but at the same time much better –  the Infinite Scroll!

Infinite Scroll

We’re leaning on you more than ever in 2020 to tell us what you’d like to see added to PPG. For example, you were recently in favor of adding autographed items, while voting no on customs.

What is nice about Infinite Scroll is that while you are looking at the first results, we can already download the next ones for when you want to continue scrolling. That will create less of a wait when you click on Next Page.

So we have three options for you  –


Option 1 – Infinite Scroll coming to the Database Search

This allows you to search the PPG database on one infinite page. The benefit here is that if you’re searching Batman, for example, then you can easily scroll through to browse for the exact Dark Knight (we have more than 500!) that you’re looking for. 

And if you are not using our extra features here you should! You could simultaneously look for items already in your Collection, or in your Wishlist, or which are for sale or a combination thereof!

Infinite Scroll


Option 2 – Infinite Scroll coming to the Showcase

Viewing your collection via your Showcase will be super easy with the infinite scroll option. Same goes for scrolling through your Lists. If you have not already created your lists, here is more information on how to set them up.


Option 3 – No Infinite Scrolling, instead give me more items per page

Like the new system as is? Saying no thanks to infinite scrolling is also an option. We are planning to increase the number of items you can see per page.

The drawback of Infinite Scrolls are – 

  • No more footer (we only show our Copyright there and will move that elsewhere.)
  • You’ll lose the ability to share a specific page of your Showcase using a URL. For example, under the current system, if you have an item on Page 4 of your Showcase, you’ll no longer be able to share the specific page URL with your friends and other collectors (but you can always change the search in the showcase to have the items you want to show up immediately).


Let us know what you think in the comments below. And make sure to visit
PPG homepage and cast your vote on our PPG Poll today!



42 thoughts on “PPG Poll: Should Infinite Scrolling Come to Pop Price Guide?

  1. Cool, but please remember to also vote as we like to know which page we should do first (database items or Showcase).

  2. It’s fine to have infinite scroll. But the only problem I had with the pages is they were only on the bottom of the screen. If you had page numbers on the top and the bottom that would be a better solution in my opinion.

    1. If we go for Infinite Scroll there will be no pages. If we stay with pagination we could do them on top (but everything added makes the site slower and you would not know you want to go to the next page until you have scrolled down to see what is there).

  3. I would like to see more data when scrolling through my database than what is currently presented.

    I put my values in for what I paid for each.
    I’d love to scroll through and have it presented clearly if I’m in the green or in the red as far as my collection goes.

    Also, I really liked the infinite scroll with the categories in the old system.
    There was a lot more just on your screen without having to scroll, and that was awesome.

    Making things grouped was really cool too, though I’d prefer to use custom groups, that way everything Marvel is together, not split into 4 different categories.

    1. You realize that we have Custom Groups? Re seeing more data please always specify if you want that in the Showcase, the Database Search or your Collection Management page.

  4. I definitely miss having infinite scroll available it was way easier to look through my list of pops in my collection..

  5. 100% Bring back Option 1 – the lack of a single cohesive page is the #1 reason I’ve considered moving away from using PPG, it’s far too annoying to use multiple pages to sort my collection in its current state and bringing back infinite scrolling would solve this problem.

  6. Appart from InfiScroll, would it be possible to show qty for each custom list? example: I go to “List A” and on top it shows/says “X-qty itms on this list”.

    Liked that from the old site, that from the total of items on your collection it would tell you how many pops, minis or other things you had, that made the whole.

    1. Yes, that is on the list. Each of these counts add to the load, i.e. make pages slower. So we generally work on performance and then add sometimes like this.

  7. Infinite scroll on showcase to show all items like before please.
    It was handy they were split into movies, marvel etc could you add exclusives or special edition eg more filters?

    1. You can easily create your own lists and now they are custom (so you can do one for all Marvel or by Marvel hero). There is a link in the article on how to do this.

  8. 1) I think Option 2 would approximate old PPG the best, I never minded having to flip through pages when searching for an item (e.g., searching for Wonder Woman, Hanna Barbera). The thing I miss the most was that complete listing on one page.

    2) If you’re open to alternate suggestions, in that “complete collection on one page” it was mostly a list with a tiny icon. If it would be more efficient, I would be happy just having a list without the large picture associated with it (in the present form). A tiny icon would be nice but not necessary.

    2) Another thing I miss about the old PPG was that your collection was ordered by the major groupings (Animation, Disney, Conan, Movies, Sanrio, Television). It would be nice if an option was ordering your showcase by the major categories (and/or filtering by major category)

    1. Re 1, please make sure you vote for that.

      Re 2, we like to offer different views and this could be a list view with a much smaller image – so this is on the list but not imminent (we have a small team and got to do the Infinite Scroll first and a few other things as well). For some people the all-items–on-one-page started to break and time-out and this became a bigger and bigger problem. Really no website can just load everything in one go.

      Re 3 try our new lists!

      1. I have been using the lists. I like them a lot for smaller groups (e.g,, Wizard of Oz, Endgame, Nightmare Before Christmas, Parks and Rec). I do have a larger collection, 1500+. I’d rather not have to create 39+ lists and sort 1500+ items into the major categories.

        It would be nice to see all the Television pops grouped together or my Rides. Something smaller like Doctor Who I can handle; the larger groups not so much.

        P.S. Thanks for taking the time to respond to mine and everyone else’s. It’s good to know you guys are working hard and taking feedback!

        1. Good to hear re lists. We have just started with those. Next you will be able to move 50 items at a time into a list (probably next week). We might create subgroups and are plan to extend groups your Wishlist (basically a list in itself), Database Items, Subjects, Users and Items for Sale. What we don’t want to do is create hard-coded lists for people as not everybody wants items grouped the same way. So bear with us (and keep the ideas flowing!).

          Re the Thanks, I cannot tell you how much easier it is now to talk to folks and do something about the site as we now only maintain one site (when we had to maintain two with the old PPG). The old PPG just took all our time to maintain to make sure it stayed up.

          1. Cool I understand not wanting lists hard-coded. I was hoping more for I can sort my collection A-Z, Value, Date Added… It would be nice if an additional option would be to sort by major category (e.g., Movies, Television, Disney, etc.)

  9. I definitely would like to have infinite scrolling implemented but for me I’m not as concerned with it for my collection. I’d rather have it for browsing/searching in the database. I really hate clicking next page after only seeing 4-5 items or whatever it is. And like someone else already said, often times when I go to click next page it jumps me all the way to the last page

    1. Photographing the barcode really only works on an app, so those two are the same. What should an app do that the mobile version of the site does not?

  10. I agree with the users asking for groups to be brought back. I understand that custom groups can be made, but it seems tedious for each user to have to recreate the main categories that existed and sorted themselves automatically on the old collection page.

    Or at least have some sort of prepared tagging system, wherein main group names can be assigned via checkbox or something at the time a piece is added/edited (i.e. DC Dorbz, Pop Tees, or whatever), rather then each user reinventing the wheel for themselves.

    When you can only sort your collection by date added or price (which may as well be random), infinite scrolling vs. pages is a moot point for me.

  11. What the original PPG had was infinitely better. The smaller images kept the load screen small and you could easily view your ENTIRE collection all at once — categorized by type. no POP left behind or forgotten about. Can we just do that? Other options sure are nice, but I’d rather have a complete list and tiny pictures than what we have now, where you have to hunt for your own pops. Here’s why: say one of your POPs takes a leap in value but not enough to make the top 10. You’ll never know it unless you think to search for that specific PoP… so yeah, the old way was INFINITELY better than what we have now.

    1. We explained the rationale for the move a number of times. Regarding your substantial points, we could create a sort by highest gainer and loser. But how often do you check the daily status of every one of our POPs? Re sorting, we got the lists, so you can recreate the sorting of the old PPG or come up with your own schema.

    2. The system of categories wasn’t even accurate. For example, they would have a section for Pop animation where almost all my animated shows pops would be except I would find Thundercats in Pop television instead. No consistency

  12. To me infinite scroll could be interesting but its not the main issue. The problem is the search filters at the account level. We should be able to save filter. Personally I only want to search in the Funko Pop product line. I should be able ton configure that filter in my account and also configure the sort order in my account. Just with more flexible filters settings, it would solve most of the scrolling problems. Accurate results mean less results !!

    1. More filters and the ability to stack them is planned. We could also allow for default filters on an account basis (is a nice idea).

      Re allowing for personal default sorting that is different from the current dafualt on each different page, how many others would like to see that? And how do you normally sort?

      1. At the moment I am force to sort “Added : Oldest” because I am looking for Pops only and most of the time, the default sort is displaying a ton of newer items, in other product lines then Pop. So every time I use PPG, I have to reselect the sort order.

        A good example would simply be to search “Daryl Dixon”. If I want to see his pops, I need to go to page 3 by default because I get a lot of items I don’t want to see (Mystery minis, plush, enamel, etc). If I sort “Added : Oldest”, at least I get the items I want faster.

        There should really be a search filter “Product line” saved account level (account basis as you said). I think this alone would make people very happy.

  13. Hey how about this? I collect whole collections and let’s take wwe pops for instance. The old price guild i could see all the pops in that collection and place them in different order of view. Like low to high #. You can’t due that now. I have no idea if a pop has been added to the collection. Cuz God only know funko don’t go in order. Why don’t you help us all out by bringing that option back. Maybe if we could see items we are missing. We might buy items we are missing
    NOT a fan of the change
    . I know its a business and you took this site and made it into a market place. That’s fine but you have the abilities. You had groups, collections and we could see them all. Can’t due any of that now. If i only had a few pops who am I to complain. But I have well over 3,000 and now have to visit another web site to check list and collections. Problem is they sux and are inaccurate.
    Don’t worry about infinite scrolling or stuff like that bring back the option that made the site you bought great. Or and im surprised it hasn’t happened someone will create a new price guide like the old and when they due.. Sorry to say enjoy your customers while you still have them..
    There still is time to correct the wrong and really help your visitors out. Don’t believe me then ask that as a poll question. Hope things change and you take my advice. Have a great day

    1. Sorry, this is not really helpful. You can sort in any part of the site and we added more sort orders over the last few weeks (and are not done yet). You can do all of what you suggest we should add and more, it just happens to be done in different ways. If you let me know what you want to do I tell you how you do it now.

  14. Infinite scroll would be awesome! I wish you would bring back grouping in the different categories, I would love all my Star Wars to be together instead of searching for them.

  15. I would like to view my collection as thumbnails for easier comparison between groups, same as before. But I’m not against infinate scrolling on the database searches.

    1. Yes, different views would be nice (with one of those views showing it more like a spreadsheet with smaller images).

  16. Pagination over infinite scrolling.
    Infinite scrolling is an accessibility violation so will not work at all for many users of assistance technology, keyboard-only users etc.
    Aside from it being a non-starter from an inclusive design perspective, it has many general usability issues.
    Both the above are well known in the industry. If you need further details on either, Google is your friend.

    1. Thanks, we did research this 😉 and yes while there are some worries about accessibility we have not heard from a single user so far (and we have asked a number of times). We are going to offer a paginated view for search bots and maybe expose that if accessibility becomes an issue. That being said Infinite Scroll is definitely the better user experience on mobile and as always we have to make compromises – if we go with the Scroll it will be on all devices (we are too small a team to do too many things at the same time).

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