Paul Scardino Adds Guinness World Record to his Pop Price Guide Showcase

Paul Scardino

Paul Scardino has always been a big fan of pop culture, with a superhero-sized affinity for all things Marvel Comics.

After being introduced to Funko’s Pop! Civil War 4-pack featuring Hawkeye and Spider-Man in 2017, however, Scardino couldn’t have known just how far his own universe was about to expand.

Guinness World RecordToday, Scardino is the official Guinness World Record holder with the galaxy’s largest Funko collection — as well as the latest addition to the Pop Price Guide family of users.

Scardino is of course managing his vast collection of more than 5,300 unique Funko items on a Showcase here on PPG that you’ll be able to peruse. He’ll also be putting his collection on display via online videos, which we will also share.

“I love Marvel stuff, that’s how it starts,” admits the Cleveland native and Regional Vice President of the National Counseling Group.

Scardino’s collection mostly consists of figures displayed out-of-box and is broken into subsets such as franchise, movie or television season.

Mostly. Higher value items, such as his Pop! Tony the Tiger figures receive special treatment in the jam-packed showroom located within his Virginia home.

“I think Funko Pop!s have become so popular is because they capture the essence of our childhood and our favorite characters,” Scardino said. “And people are willing to do a lot for their characters and stories they love.”

Take the Guinness World Records tour…

25 thoughts on “Paul Scardino Adds Guinness World Record to his Pop Price Guide Showcase

  1. You might have the largest collection of alltime. But, You don’t have the grearest collection of alltime because I do. All your Pops are out of the boxes with the boxes nowhere in sight. You do know without the boxes. You will only get around 33% of the value of any single Pop you own. I hope you kept the boxes mint and in A safe place. With that said, Well done on the size of your collection. I have 677 Funko Pops in their boxes. Its worth around $24,000 becase of Rare Pops, Autographed Pops and Factory Errors. I am at A 35 dollar average worth per single Pop. Now lets see you do that my Dude. Happy Hunting and Happy Collecting

    1. I think your missing the point here man. It’s not about what their worth. This is about the love of collecting not about how much you could get for it. I’m sure his collection is priceless to him and wouldn’t sell it anyway. It seems like you were just lookin to try and 1-up him with some shameless bragging

    2. You must be blind? All his boxes are behind the each Pop! & FYI your collection sounds pretty weak! $24,000 That’s it? Big deal!

      1. i got my first pop it was £12 🙂 its vanya from umbrella academy. ima try get Five next and then probs not really get anymore unless a really cool one comes out i like, ive looked at getting one for around 4 years but never did

      2. i agree Rob, i posted below to diggity’s comment. Paul’s estimated value of his massive collection is around 129k.

      3. Sir, please let this man have his moment. You don’t seem to have made an appearance in the Guinness Book of World Records as he has. While you may claim you may be superior where ever is your proof besides your own word. So again my good sir, pride goeth before the fall. Happy hunting!

    3. I was wondering how long it would take for someone to say something like I have a better collection and try to steal the spotlight etc… Then I saw the comment from DblDeez2000. Yay DblDeez2000 good for you. I buddy. I hope you keep getting more and more toys to play with 👍

      1. i agree diggity, but if the dude would’ve just clicked the link he would’ve seen how much Paul’s collection is worth. it’s worth 6x DbleDeez2000’s collection. let the dude live for real. it’s good for the community, but i guess haters are always going to hate.
        Estimated Value

        use the link, see his collection and his overall estimated value. congratulations to Paul.

    4. We got ourselves a hater and not and appreciator. A true collector will appreciate his/her worth in collecting without price in the back of the mind for revenue.

      Sadly your one of those person who like too damper others success. In the end, Your Pop value will be worth 0$. Attitude like yours will attract no interest.

    1. Nice one, we had considered a Funko collector dating service… maybe we should? Also, that way if you have 300 POPs and your potential partner has 300 different ones you could own the Record!

  2. Congratulations on your impressive collection and your official Guinness World Record for the galaxy’s largest Funko collection. I understand how you feel….I feel the same way about my collection!

    1. Congratulations!! I love collecting Funko pops. I actually just reached my milestone and I have 6,014 funko items now. I don’t do it for the value. I do it because It’s fun and exciting. I don’t have the room to display all my items but someday I intend too.

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  4. Thanks everyone!! I appreciate the love, and agree that no ones collection is “better” than anyone else’s. We all love stories and they connect us deeper than we might initially think. I’ll be exploring these ideas in addition to deep dives into my collection on my new Youtube Channel,
    Come check it out, share, and Subscribe!!

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