An Unknown Funko Pop! in the Wild?

We love hearing from you guys and particularly if it is something as exciting as this. PPG user Fjaviserr reached out to say that sometimes in June or July these were offered on Offer Up  –

An Exclusive to the Seattle Mariners?


Same but limited to 1,000


And gold and mega rare at only 90 made

Who knows more about these?  Should we add them to the database? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

12 thoughts on “An Unknown Funko Pop! in the Wild?

  1. YES. Absolutely this little moose baseball player should be added to the database. Any & all Funko products are welcome here at the PPG/HobbyDB catalog of “All That Is Geeky”. One Funko Pop! being left out of the mix would begin an everlasting domino effect of other reject-able’s. So Yes…of course add him to the index my good people of PPG.

  2. These were going to be handed out at a Mariners game this summer, but didn’t because of Covid. Some guy got ahold of some from Funko employees and tried to sell them. Add them for sure to your database, but they won’t be in distribution until they get handed out at a Mariners game.

  3. The guy who got this is named Corey he goes by the name No scrubs Please on Offerup in the Seattle area.
    He claimed that he got it from someone who works for Safco.
    But chances are that he got them from Liz (the Funko Everett store manager ) since she gives him a lot of rare/con items(so i heard)

      1. sold? i dont know, but everyone thinks he(Corey) should get banned from the store for reselling items that are not out yet.

        1. It’s important to say that we don’t know for fact how they got into the market. These might have come from a different course (somebody else at Funko, somebody at the team, somebody in the manufacturing chain etc).

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