7 Bucks A Pop Brings Signature Series to Pop Price Guide Database

7 Bucks a Pop

Clear a spot on your shelf because Pop Price Guide is proud to announce that 7 Bucks A Pop is bringing its “7BAP Signature Series” to the PPG database.

7BAP Signature Series item every Saturday.

The Lost BoysAnd trust us, you’re not going to want to miss the next event.

Set your alarms for 3 p.m. est this Saturday (Oct. 24) for your chance to grab the latest 7BAP Signature Series release: Kiefer Sutherland and Jason Patric from the 80s cult classic “The Lost Boys.”

The Kiefer Sutherland signature retails for $120 each with two possible variations chosen at random between David (w/ Noodles) (250 pcs) and Vampire David (50 pcs).

Jason Patric’sMichael Emerson signed Pop! sells for $85 each and is limited to 175 pcs.

Need em’ both? Sink your teeth into the 7BAP bundle, which includes one of each actor for $195. Again, variants are selected at random. That price includes shipping within the United States and will be calculated upon check out for international orders.

Each signed Pop! comes with an exclusive 7BAP sticker detailing how many of that particular version was signed, as well as a JSA sticker on the side window and accompanying JSA certificate of authenticity (COA).

All of which is placed in a PopShield protector and double-boxed.

To purchase, follow this link, which will go live when the sale begins at 3 p.m. est on Oct. 24.

Shop 7BAP’s “The Lost Boys” Signature Series

Founded in 2017, 7 Bucks A Pop traditionally releases new 7BAP Signature Series item every Saturday at 3 p.m. est.

TombstoneIf you’re a fan of autographed Pop! figures, you might want to peruse some of the previous autographed Pop! events featuring actors, artists and musicians, as well as athletes, voice actors and more.

Past 7BAP participants range from Val Kilmer (Batman/Doc Holliday), Charlie Sheen (Ricky Vaughn) and Ron Perlman (Hellboy/Clay Morrow) to Joe Montana, Larry Bird and Magic Johnson.

That list also includes the likes of Tony Moran (Michael Myers), Justin Briner (Deku) and Christopher Sabat (All Might/Vegeta) and more.

Now you’ll be able to also proudly display them in your Pop Price Guide collection and on your Showcase.

Read more about how to categorize your collection and Showcase on PPG here and make sure to visit our friends over at 7 Bucks A Pop.

16 thoughts on “7 Bucks A Pop Brings Signature Series to Pop Price Guide Database

  1. Great, I got aSnap Wexley signed by Greg Grunberg and can look forward to properly add it to my collection! Thanks for adding these.

    1. That’s awesome! I’d love to eventually see a huge listing database for signed Funko Pops. I have over 250 signed Funko Pops and I would love to see them with their own individual listings within PPG and HobbyDB.

      1. We are still considering how to do “non-series” signed Funko Pops. Toy-zilla and 7 Bucks are easy as they have COAs. “Just” signed ones are much harder as there is no limit on how they can be signed and of course how easy it is to fake a signature and how hard to tell. Ideas here are very welcome.

    1. Yes, ideally a number of large photos (in the ideal world all sides of the package as there is no restriction on how many images we can add on the new site).

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