PPG Migration Drawing to a Close, Time to Act Quickly if You Still Have Issues

Good news, the last installment of the Pop Price Guide Migration is coming to a close.

If your collection is in good shape, feel free to skip below to see some of the new and soon-to-come features.

With the latest round of updates wrapping up, we’ve arrived at one of the final steps in the transfer of the original PPG site.

What this means is that if you’re still having issues with your collection, now is the time to ask for our help.

We’ll be able to fix any weird collection behavior from the transfer up until Sept. 25. If you believe you are missing items from your collection or wish list, have duplicate items or have any other concerns with your collection since the migration began, now is the time to ask for help (especially if you haven’t already).

We can fix it, but you have to act quickly! Let us know by messaging us at support@hobbydb.com or by clicking the green Contact hobbyDB button located on the right side of every page.

Now the fun stuff – What’s new

We’ve added a Total Collection Value Chart. Find it in your Showcase above your Top 10 list and alongside Estimated Value and the timestamp of that last time your collection was last calculated.

You’ll also notice that we spruced up how series and related subjects are displayed on item pages.

Sellers will also enjoy our updated seller form.

MayorWhat’s coming soon

Now that the migration is nearly complete, we have a lot more freedom to create, update and upgrade many new features.

Among the new features coming are more items per page, initially in the Collection and Wish List Management pages. You’ll be able to set the amount of items you see per page to 5, 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 increments.

We’ll also be introducing the ability to sort by reference numbers in the database and in subjects.

Users will be able to have their own gallery with images of their collection, as well as pics of collector friends, photos from comic cons, etc. The best part is that it’s up to you when it comes to what you display.

That’s in addition to being able to set the currency for your collection.

We’ll also be adding the capability of adding even more price sources to the database, including from Mercari sales, for example.

Let us know

Remember, please let us know prior to Sept. 25 if issues remain with your collections. As always, we’re here to address any concerns by messaging us at support@hobbydb.com or by clicking the green Contact hobbyDB button on the right side of every page.

15 thoughts on “PPG Migration Drawing to a Close, Time to Act Quickly if You Still Have Issues

  1. I wish that prices were based on condition as well. I see ppg listed values as mint in mint box. But I see values adjusted by sales with no consideration of the condition of item sold. If an item that is worth $100 mint sells for $70 with a damaged box, that should not affect the ppg value.

    1. Hi Robert, we remove items that have a damaged box or are otherwise not near mint. We have plans for more price points, probably first the item without packaging in mint/near mint.

  2. I’m not sure if it’s going to be possible but, can you make a separate price section for pops that are used/damaged? They cause a lot of pops to go down in value. For the most part when I report it they’re removed.

    1. Only near-mint or better prices should get added and all items that are flagged get reviewed (thanks for flagging). We had a few more than normal as we had a lot of new volunteers. We have now improved our onboarding of volunteers and thus should be all good going forward (there will always be a small number of mistakes as all of this is done by humans, but then folks like you flag them!).

  3. Will there be a way to print a hard copy of my list that contains around 1,700 Funko brand items?
    And will there a way to view everything on one page instead of one item at a time?

    1. You can see 30 items in your Collection Management. No website can afford to show all items on a page as the page will time out (not even Amazon or eBay do that). But we plan to increase it to 50 soon, and then a 100, maybe 200 per page. Re export, we are working on various ideas there. It would help to know what you plan to do with it so we can take that into account when building the export feature?

  4. it would be nice to have a section for vaulted pops or a list of pops newly vaulted! it used to show up when I looked up a pop it stated vaulted! is this possible?

    1. Yes, we are working on adding that. Key problem is to find good lists that have the data (help would be welcome, just contact us).

  5. Will there be the ability to create lists/categories/groups in your wishlist. I enjoyed the ability to group items on my wishlist by a category I created (e.g., Freddy, Flocked, Grails, Fallout, ).

  6. 1. PPG has a feature before that exports the collection details in a spreadsheet program. Are you planning on implementing this?

    2. Will you also show Top 10 pops overall and top 10 that rose in value?

    3. Is there a way to group my collection by series (Disney, Marvel, Heroes, Star Wars, etc)?

    1. Answers in order

      1. Yes, that is planned (tell us more what it should do, please)
      2. Yes, but you will be able to configure what you want to see here (say only Dorbz Top Winners)
      3. You can already do that using the Lists (find them in My Stuff menu)

  7. I used to use this site almost daily to track my collection and (mainly) to browse lines and find POPs I’d like to have. Since the redesign, I’ve visited maybe once every couple months and always leave disappointed when I can’t do what I’m trying to do.

    All I want is a way to browse a specific line of POPs and see everything in the series. Is there a way to do this? Because if there is, I sure can’t figure it out.

    I’ll use Marvel as an example. I want to be able to filter by POP!s (and not see other brands like Dorbz, key chains, mystery minis, etc), filter by line (Marvel), filter by number (low-high) and browse every POP in that series starting with #1 up to the most recent release.

    This is primarily what I used this site for before the redesign and it was quick and painless to do. Now I either can’t do it or can’t figure out how.

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