Pop Price Guide / hobbyDB Price Listing Record Day is Underway!

Price Day

On your marks. Get set. Price assign!

We’ve embarked on our second Pop Price Guide / hobbyDB Price Listing Record Day with an eye on reducing our backlog of price listings.

Our Data Team, working alongside our volunteer Price Squad are attempting to assign more than 10,000 prices today alone, surpassing our mark of 8,000 last month. Best part is, as of noon Mountain Time, we’re already halfway towards reaching our goal. And our team is just getting heated up.

Our specialized algorithm calculates the sales from eBay and other secondary markets to create a value’s worth. It’s up to our team to comb through our unique system to weed out any items that can aversely affect an item’s value, such condition, fakes and differing box stickers, as well as price gougers.

The result is more up-to-date and accurate representations of your collection’s value.

Read more about the project here, including how you can become a member of our volunteer Price Squad.

Stay tuned for more updates as we make our way towards the big 10K!



4 thoughts on “Pop Price Guide / hobbyDB Price Listing Record Day is Underway!

  1. Voted. I chose infinite scrolling in my showcase and lists.
    I think the filters for the database work well enough to limit the pages in a search and would much prefer it on my own collection
    Question: will this give us the opportunity to batch select more items? Right now we can only do those on one page.

    1. First up to 50 items (very soon). Later all search results (much harder to do and we still have a long list of wishes to fulfill).

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