Pop Price Guide and hobbyDB to host Second Record Price Listing Day

Price Day

Records were meant to be broken. And we here at Pop Price Guide and the hobbyDB family of brands are setting our sights on a new mark with our second Price Listing Record Day.

Last month, our Data Team alongside our trusty panel of Price Squad volunteers set out to assign 6,000 price listings within a 24 hour period.

CrusaderMore than 8,000 listings later, we happily surpassed our goal.

Now we’re making the final preparations to do it once again, and then some, on Wednesday, Sept. 23. This month’s goal will see us crossing the finish line at 10,000 prices assigned.

What’s a Price Listing?

The specialized PPG / hobbyDB algorithm culls sales from eBay and other secondary markets to create a price valuation.

Our price gurus utilize our unique system to comb through sales listings for condition, fakes and any other elements that can negatively affect an item’s worth.

By playing host to a Record Price Listing Day, we can drastically reduce our backlog. That translates into up-to-date and more accurate values for your collection.

Thanks to the first Price Listing Record Day, we’ve been able to add roughly 20 new faces to our volunteer Price Squad.

Do you have a keen eye for all things Funko? Message us about joining our team of volunteers at team@poppriceguide.com or by simply clicking the green Contact hobbyDB button on the right side of every page.

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