Funko Reveals: New York Comic Con 2020 – Day One

New York Comic Con 2020

New York, New York. The city might never sleep, but it won’t be playing host to the New York City Comic-Con 2020 over fears from the COVID pandemic.

That won’t stop Funko, however, from once again celebrating the annual event with its own NYCC 2020 exclusives and virtual convention.

Paulie Pigeon returns as this year’s mascot, alongside New York’s most viral star Pizza Rat. The duo kicks off Funko’s week of NYCC 2020 Reveals.

(This is a live blog, so check back regularly for updates.)

Pop! Pizza Rat & Paulie Pigeon

Pop! Carl & Ellie (Painting)

Carl and ElliePop! Dum Dums Drum Man

Dum DumsPop! Harry Potter – The Burrow and Ron Weasley (World Cup)

Harry PotterRon WeasleyPop! Luke & Leia (Jedi Training) (2-Pop! Bundle)

Luke Skywalker

Princess LeiaPop! The Child with Necklace

The ChildPop! Jiminy Cricket (Umbrella)

Jiminy Cricket


2 thoughts on “Funko Reveals: New York Comic Con 2020 – Day One

    1. Convention prices always follow the following price points:

      Pop – $15.
      10″ Pop – $45.
      Pop 2-Pack – $30.
      Vinyl Soda – $12.

      I don’t think there’s ever been a pop town for a convention release, but if there was, I don’t know how much it cost.

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