Tio da Barba Branca Joins the Pop Price Guide Anti-Fake Coalition

Tio da Barba Branco

The Pop Price Guide Anti-Fake Coalition is adding another member to its panel of experts, welcoming Tio da Barba Branca.

Estrelando Vanderlei Jr. — known in Brazil’s Funko community as Tio da Barba Branca, aka Uncle with a White Beard — brings his playlist of more than 750 videos to PPG.

Vanderlei produces quick, two-minute videos that detail individual Pop! figures, boxes and respective numbers. The idea is to help collectors make an informed decision while avoiding fakes. These videos don’t feature any text and were originally designed to help consumers recognize fakes in South America, where fraudulent Pop!s have been known to be sold in retail stores.

Says Vanderlei:

“I created this playlist to help collectors at the time of purchase, and of course, to know if they are real.”

On Pop Price Guide, you can find the Tio da Barba Branca videos towards the bottom of select item pages, located in the external links section below the eBay and hobbyDB sales listings.


We’ll use Previews Exclusive Red Sonja (Bloody) as an example.

Pop Price Guide

Tio da Barba Branca joins Dr. Applesauce on the PPG Anti-Fake Coalition. Read more about Dr. Applesauce’s videos here and our mission to help reduce fake items through video tutorials, detailed images and more.

Join the PPG Anti-Fake Coalition

We’re looking for Funko enthusiasts with YouTube channels and other related media to join the PPG Anti-Fake Coalition and help us limit fakes while improving buyer protections.

Also, do you have a good eye or experience when it comes to spotting fakes? We’re always searching for volunteers to join the PPG team to help ensure the accuracy of the site. If interested, reach out to us via the green Contact hobbyDB button located on the right side of every page.


Check out Tio da Barba Branca’s take on the Previews Exclusive Red Sonja (Bloody)


6 thoughts on “Tio da Barba Branca Joins the Pop Price Guide Anti-Fake Coalition

  1. Congratulations Tio da Barba Branca more than deserved for your effort and daily struggle for the good of collecting.

  2. My friend Tio da Barba Branca, congratulations on this achievement. You deserve much more for helping so many collectors. Pay attention (inside joke). Big hug!!!!

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