Price Squad Volunteers Wanted to Help Set New PPG Record

Pop Price Guide

Who doesn’t love setting records?

With the latest round of the PPG migration almost wrapped up (we were incredibly tied up answering more than 5,000 questions from you guys!), we’re taking a moment to catch up with our price listings in record fashion.

And you can help by becoming a member of the PPG Price Squad.

Looking to get involved? Need something to pass the time during quarantine? We could use your help.

What are PPG Price Listings?

Colonel SandersLike KFC or Coke-Cola, Pop Price Guide relies on a secret formula to assign prices to items in our database.

Our specialized algorithm utilizes eBay and secondary market sales to tabulate an item’s value.

We have also always relied on our small data team and more than 120 PPG Price Squad volunteers throughout the years to “assign pricing,” essentially combing through listings for condition, fakes and other elements that affect an item’s value.  

Now that our data team consists of one person (you’re the best, Kevin), our volunteers are more important than ever.

hobbyDB / PPG Price Listing Record Day

On Wednesday, August 26, we’ll be playing host to our first hobbyDB / PPG Price Listing Record Day. The idea is to set our own personal single-day record for assigning prices to PPG while significantly decreasing the backlog that built up during the migration.

For you, the PPG user, that will translate into even more accurate and up-to-date values in your Showcase, Top Ten and more.

Our goal is 6,000 listings in 24 hours.

Here’s where you can help

Training to become a volunteer Price Squad Member is painless. All you’ll need is an active PPG account and the time to tell us a little bit about yourself. 

Send an email to answering the following –

  • What do you collect?
  • Why are you interested in becoming a Contributor / Price Squad Member?
  • How did you hear about PPG / hobbyDB?
  • Are you a member of any clubs or groups?
  • Would you be open to being featured in an article on our blog?

The process is simple, the training is light and some folks have a blast doing this! Be a part of the team that helps make sure the PPG you know and love stays up to date and is the most accurate resource for all of your Funko collecting needs. 

As always, you can also message us with any questions by clicking the green Contact hobbyDB button on the right hand side of every page.

4 thoughts on “Price Squad Volunteers Wanted to Help Set New PPG Record

  1. I just want you to make sure the right Pops are being tracked. I continue to see sells killing value on some of the Pops because the wrong Pop is being counted in the sales.

  2. Hi, I collect Funko Pops since 2012. I constantly check the price guide because I live in Argentina and the sellers put some expensive prices. I will like to contribute to pop price guide.

  3. Love this idea and would love to participate or volunteer. Been a POP collector for 5 years though I wish I could’ve been longer. Question, recently I’ve seen POP items selling for under $1.00 on eBay. Any information as to why this is happening?

    1. I’ve noticed the extremely low sales recently also. Many items have dropped in value by as much as 50% in a lot of cases because of it. It’s unrealistic for someone to sell brand new comic cons for much less than you can even get them retail.

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