Dr. Applesauce Talks Pop Price Guide Anti-Fake Coalition

Dr. Applesauce

Pop Price Guide is proud to announce that the first video from Dr. Applesauce is now available to view.

We teamed up with the doc to form the PPG Anti-Fake Coalition in an effort to combat fraudulent Funko items. In this episode, Dr. Applesauce breaks down some of the details for the partnership, as well as some tips for spotting fakes.

Stay tuned for more videos every week.

Do you have a keen eye for spotting fake items? Join us in the fight against fakes by volunteering as a member of the PPG Anti-Fake Coalition. Simply message us by clicking the green Contact hobbyDB button on the right hand side of every page.

Watch this week’s video here…

9 thoughts on “Dr. Applesauce Talks Pop Price Guide Anti-Fake Coalition

  1. This is definitely helpful !!!! I would love to be able to have something to reference fakes with.

    I started collecting in 2014 with a really small collection and then boxed them and left them in the attic at my parents. After now having to come across them again, I have restarted collecting only now the game is so so different there’s SO many opportunities to be buying fakes without even realising it or knowing and that worries me. I have some Disney pops from my original collection that are around £89 and would hate to be stung when trying to fill up these original series with fakes and not knowing. I collect because I love it as a hobby but also … I collect for value and would hate my collection to be hurt because it was filled with fakes.

  2. Hi great job fakes are a real problem could you do bloody leatherface chase I own one but I can’t tell if it’s fake and I can’t find any info anywhere thanks a lot and keep up the great work

  3. Has anyone else noticed this seller on Ebay Collectible Funko Bobbleheads (1970-Now)? His ridiculously low sales of hard to find and new convention exclusive items are popping up all over the place. The problem is these prices are nowhere to be found look at his current inventory?

      1. We got a list of more than a 100 eBay sellers that we do not include in our price index as we strongly suspect that they sell fake items.

          1. Sorry, we don’t do that for two reasons. (1) The list is changing all the time and (2), more importantly, we don’t want the list out there as we don’t want those sellers to change their usernames or open new accounts which would be those sellers’ immediate reactions if we published the list. It would be nice if eBay took action here as they are the only ones that could really stop this to an extend.

    1. Yeah the funny thing is his particular page pops up all the time on eBay for me and it’s only because I’ve scrolled through looking at certain hops I’ve never bought from the guy

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