Custom Items not coming to PPG, available on hobbyDB


The Pop Price Guide community has spoken and we will not be adding Customized Funko items into the PPG database.

PPG PollClose to 400 of you took part in our PPG Poll, with 70 percent voting against adding custom versions of Pop!, Dorbz and Wacky Wobblers, to name a few.

But that’s not to say there isn’t a home for Customs. You can find and add Custom items on hobbyDB. The best part is, these items will then show on your Pop Price Guide Showcase and Collection pages.

These Customs are located under Pop! Customs and include the likes of artists such as Amanda (Boopstoof) and her Custom Ode to Van Gogh.

We will also remove the 100 odd customs that were already added in the PPG database.

Add your Customs

Want to add your Custom items to the hobbyDB database? We’d love to help display your collection. Reach out to us via the vertical green Contact hobbyDB button located on the right hand side of every page and let us know that you’d like to add your Custom collection.

Custom Van Gogh
Amanda (Boopstoof)’s An Ode to Van Gogh

6 thoughts on “Custom Items not coming to PPG, available on hobbyDB

  1. I don’t think people would mind real customs. The problem is people call fakes, customs. If they would just stop calling fake pops customs, this wouldn’t be an issue.

    1. I totally agree. I think there are 3x of “customs”

      1. Items that are meant to be distinctly different and cannot be confused with production models.

      2. Items that are meant to fill a gap in the collection but are CLEARLY marked as replicas, imitations, or whatever one wants to call them (that marking applies to both the box and the item and is done in a non-reversible way). Those are fine but we do not document them.

      3. Items that are meant to deceive and I think those should be called fakes (they are the reason why we started the PPG Anti Fake Coalition).

  2. Autographed values on items would be cool. It’s just more ebay data from sales to get that. While not super simple, pretty simple in context. I have a lot of funkos probably under worth $20 signed and worth much more.

  3. I don’t understand how adding customs to HobbyDB is different than adding them to PPG. Am I missing something?

    1. There are two differences between hobbyDB and PPG –

      1.PPG has its own homepage with its blog
      2.PPG only shows items made by Funko

      The latter is configurable and at the moment we show prototypes but not customs (we posted a poll and a majority was against adding them to PPG). That being said if you add an item to your collection on hobbyDB (say a product made by Kidrobot or Hasbro) it will show in your PPG collection as well.

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