Cataloging Autographed Funko Items on Pop Price Guide


You met your favorite actor, who was generous enough to autograph your favorite Pop!Captain America figure. Now it proudly sits on your shelf next to even more Funko items signed by other celebrities.

When it comes to displaying autographed items on Pop Price Guide, however, the answer isn’t quite as simple.

Cataloging autographed items has always been a discussion within the team, as there are several ways in which a signed item can be documented.

We break down some of those options and different types of autographs here on the hobbyDB blog.

We also discuss what an autograph listing might look like on PPG — using the Sokka Toy-Zilla Signed Edition as an example — and welcome your insights and suggestions.

To be clear, this is NOT currently planned and we would only do this if an overwhelming majority of PPG users wanted it. This is part of our effort to receive more feedback from our community.


Let us know in the comments below!


A mock-up of what an autographed item might look like.

75 thoughts on “Cataloging Autographed Funko Items on Pop Price Guide

  1. I have many signed, that I get when I go to Cons. And some of them only say they are worth a few dollars in the PPG, because there is no autograph option. So I just add a comment for myself. So for aomeone like me it would be fantastic. I also hundreds of other people in each line with pops to sign.

  2. This actually seems like a good idea, it would really help out separating the sellers who are trying to sell their autographed pops and the sellers that are trying to sell the pop that is not autographed.

  3. Yes please have a way for us to put in autograph pops. I have quite a few and would love to have them categorized as such.

    1. Personally The Sokka version is perfect. When it comes to doing autographs that were added outside of an event it might be hard to track and verify without a COA. This is definitely an interesting category that I would love added as I bought an autographed mark hamill from official pix and I think being able to track it’s value would be amazing.

  4. I think the best way that would be to go about it in my opinion we allow anybody to add a autograph into their collection but at the point of trying to sell it they need some proof of Authentication has to protect the buyer

  5. Hello. I think autograph pops need to be part of the database. The Elvira debacle from two years ago is a great example of why. Only about half of the 1500 made were signed by Elvira as they were all meant to be before that event went sideways. The value of a signed one of these pops is much higher. I also had heard that she refused to sign that particular pop if it wasn’t purchased through her at the time of release due to the circumstances surrounding the issue. I cannot confirm that is true though. My second point is it costs more to have a pop signed, that should factor into its value. Thank you for your time.

  6. I would very much so like this feature especially since places like 7 bucks a pop are doing signature series that are limited numbered and authenticated.

  7. I think it can be done on some specific pops, I think of Majin vegeta over 9000 edition Signed by Chris Sabat

  8. This would be amazing especially now that some celebs are selling their pops pre signed…. i have a few!

  9. This would be amazing! I have a few that I would like to see how much the signed figure would be if I was wanting to sell:
    – Bluntman & Chronic (Signed by Kevin Smith & Jason Mewes)
    – Bruce Banner (Signed by Mark Ruffalo)
    – Gabriel Iglesias #1 (Signed by Gabriel Iglesias)
    – Arthur Curry (Signed by Jason Momoa)

    1. I got the Gabriel Iglesias #1 as well, plus Jeff Dunham with Peanut. I think it would be sweet to actually have them listed as signed, at least.

  10. This would be a great idea and would hold a lot of value here. I think signatures is an important piece to collecting and is always hard to determine what the value is.

  11. This would be a great option to have as I have felt in various signed pops. And it’s always been an up hill battle finding and settling on prices..

  12. would love this an option.

    showcase the moments when I met some great celebs, like Rey Park and Tim Rose to name a couple.

  13. Yes, I think autographed Pops should be part of the database. I have two Harley Quinn Pops that were signed by some of her artists/writers, but can only enter them as the original Pop.

  14. I would DEFINITELY like this option! I have quite a few signed pops, and there’s currently no way to accurately gauge the value of my collection when a common pop that’s signed is only given the low common price, not the readjusted actual worth. At least give us the option to modify the unsigned listings in our collections to include that it’s signed in the title and the price is adjusted. It’s bad enough that it takes forever for recent pops to show a trending price anyway. I don’t even have a ballpark figure of my collection’s actual worth bcuz of either no prices attached to pops, or inaccurate prices bcuz of autographs, production errors, etc… It’s quite frustrating.

    Also, as a side note, there should be a way to type in the serial number of a pop to check it’s authenticity. Long overdue.

    And I still can’t share my lists to my friends.


    1. Hi, I will contact you re serial numbers and sharing (you can send your Collection, Wish List or even a sorted Collection or Wish List via the Showcase URL).

  15. This would be a great feature to add!! Not sure about for sale listings, as you would need authentication, but for collection purposes it would be awesome!!! Guess personalization or not would also have to be a factor? Like if I bought a signed pop I wouldn’t want it to say To John, etc because that’s not my name. Maybe picky but that’s my opinion.

  16. There should also be a way to Value the ones without COA’s and with. I have gone to cons and have received autographs personally so I know for sure that they are the REAL THING!!! The thing is with COA’s, Celebrities don’t bring around the people nor do all Con’s have people to do the COA’s

  17. This would be a great option considering the orange Bruce Lee Giants exclusive was meant to be limited to 250 signed pieces but there were unsigned versions sold at Silicon Valley CC that are being added under the signed one’s spot on the guide.

  18. I would absolutely love this as a feature! Especially because I’m a big autographed pop collector so it’s always hard to know what’s a good price to buy and sell for

    1. The new algorithm is reacting quicker to trends giving in most situations more weight to more recent transactions. Please let us know examples of where you think the Estimated Value does not correspond well to the data as we can not do some more fine-tuning if needed for certain cases. Use the Contact hobbyDB button on each page and we will look into it and get back to you.

    2. I’ve decided to price these myself if I ever sale them. One sale should not drop or raise value of anything drastically. Qui Gon is a good example. $740 yesterday. $630 today. Just dumb.

  19. that would be awesome i have a signed tmnt 8 bit shredder pop by kevin eastman a signed lucio pop by jonny cruz and a signed chrome colossus pop by stefan kapicic and more

  20. Autographs are much too hard to actually price. Some people think they are worth more than they are. Maybe have an option to customize or add a note on the entries already available but a separate one is pointless.

  21. Since autographs vary on the way the signature is put, all the way to the colour that was used for the signing. I think there’s to many factors to put a set price, especially since so many autographs are different. It’s a no from me due to the reasons I stated above.

  22. this would awesome to see one day . I have 30 plus pops signed all with reputable certs but one I got ip. Would be cool to see what other’s have for sale and or trade etc.

  23. My plan is to invest more in autographed Pops. Since I’m already have my entire collection here, it only makes sense that I should be able to track them through here. So yes, I would love to see this come to fruition.

  24. It would be good but tricky to weed out fakes and do accurate values for multi signed items. But I’m all for signed pops on ppg.

  25. I also really love this option as it would be wonderful to be able to finally log in all my 225+ signed Pops in the database as separate and unique entries. To have all my signed Pops listed beside all my other non-signed Pops that are currently in the database would be really nice to have. The addition of signed Pops in the PPG/HobbyDB database will make the value of these types of collectibles much more accurate and this will help to better define the total value of one’s collection. I hope that this feature would be added at some point in the future and, hopefully, sooner than later.

  26. this would be dope option to have! i think the only person to be against it ( for good reasons) has a decent point will color or multi signing be an included factor off the bat or something to work towards down the line?! but still 100% for it!

  27. The only way autographed Pops should be on PPG is if they were sold as an autographed Pop. For instance: Jo Koy, Fluffy, Jeff Dunham, and Elvira have all released autographed Pops for sale. 7 Bucks A Pop has a signature series line as well, where they have several Pops signed by someone for sale.

    But for Pops you get signed at a Con? No. Those shouldn’t hold a monetary value and will only a value to you because it’s was done in person.

  28. I’d make it so only items with a coa can be added and make it so you have to enter the coa # with a link to the website listing for the item.

  29. This would definitely be cool. There could be an option where you could put who signed it, and if it was from a convention, private signing, etc.

  30. Id be really interested in this! I have a couple signed pops that I love and would like to admire other signed pops other users have 🙂

  31. I would at least like the option for a checkbox and an spot to enter the name and certification company.
    It would be awesome if you could do a deal with JSA to give the value of the autograph?

    1. The checkbox makes sense. I like the idea of getting 3rd party pricing info but not sure if JSA would be up to that. I added to our idea list, thanks!

  32. I’ve been pushing for this for the longest time now! Years!

    In absolutely 💯% want autographs valued. Soooo many worth 10x more cause they’re signed.

  33. I agree! I have signed figures in my collection as well and would love to have them listed as such. Please make it happen!

  34. Interesting option… I wld like to see how the pricing is computed (depending on the celebrity of course) someone deceased like Stan Lee VS a mere voice actor the does conventions regularly. Also, if the signature is verified ++$$$
    Interesting indeed!

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