The Pop Price Guide Migration Continues with New Features

As you might now know from our email on Wednesday, we had to migrate Pop Price Guide from its old tech stack and server to a new set-up, which is a version of hobbyDB.

Oftentimes change, especially in the world of IT, is accompanied by some pain. We are diligently working on the bugs that slowed the rollout of our migration. The three biggest pressing issues at the moment are:

  1. Some users having log-in problems
  2. Some data is missing
  3. More options to sort your collection

We’d like to take this opportunity to address these issues now –

Log-in Issues

In the interest of your personal security, we’re asking everyone to change their password prior to gaining access to the new PPG.

Still having trouble accessing your Pop Price Guide account?

Follow this link to change your password and gain access.

Another Option – It’s possible that you or someone with a similar name already has an account with hobbyDB. If your email does not work, add a _ppg to the end of your username and try logging-in that way.

Should neither of those options work, just click the vertical green Contact hobbyDB button on the right side of every page and send us a quick note with your email and username that you used to sign up for a PPG account and we’ll get you sorted.

Data Missing

If you’re scratching your head and wondering where some of the items in your collection are, have no fear. We have two more syncs running (today and Monday) that will add another few hundred items to the database, hopefully balancing out your collection.

As this migration took some time, there might be items still in your collection that you deleted on PPG over the last 2 or 3 months. Please delete those again. To make it easy, we’ve provided a bulk delete tool in collections. If you notice that some items (or other fields such as notes, purchase date, etc) are still missing from your collection in a few days, send us a message to and we’ll investigate further. We’ll do our absolute best to make sure your collection is just as you remember it.


We want to build something more flexible that allows you to document your Funko items (and collectibles from other brands if you have those) the way you want. Look for this feature later this summer. We’ll update you frequently on our progress.

What we’ve worked on already

As we promised, we are committed to constantly improving PPG and making it the best spot to manage your collection. Thanks to your feedback, we’ve already made some improvements –

Values now showing on collection page

You will notice that values are now showing on your Collection page. To access this page, click the My Stuff tab and select Collection in the dropdown menu. Here you will find the hub for tracking your collection with tools for detailed searches, including more specialized filters to come.

Our first release had a bug that calculated numbers wrongly. That has now been fixed, so you shouldn’t see discrepancies throughout the guide and your collection.

Many of you have suggested that we show more than the 30 items currently viewable per page and we will do that. We are considering going initially to 50 items and possibly more on the mobile version (where we might move more activities into the Actions button).

Share your collection (and rediscover your Top Ten)

Everyone loves to show off their collection. Venture over to your Showcase by clicking on your username in the upper righthand corner. Think of the Showcase as your own personal museum proudly displaying your collection. This will also show the total valuation of your collection and is the new home for your Top Ten list, which now re-calculates every 24 hours.

Once in your Showcase, you and your friends can easily search your Collection and Wish List. You can also give your collection a stylish look of your choosing by adding an avatar and banner images.

Prototypes and Customs joining the PPG World

We already have 296 Funko Prototypes in the PPG catalog. You can easily find them as variants of their actual production model.

In addition, we are now onboarding our first Contributor to add Customs to the database, such as the X-23 (Bloody) done by Karl Grobson that Pop Price Guide recently offered.

We will start introducing some of these Customizers in future updates.

Your Feedback

As always, we value your feedback. Your suggestions help us move forward, so be specific when it comes to features you miss or would like to see. And don’t be afraid to get creative with your ideas. The upgraded system now allows us to create and implement much more technology than with the previous Pop Price Guide. Reach us at or just click the vertical green Contact button on the right.

34 thoughts on “The Pop Price Guide Migration Continues with New Features

  1. hello,
    i understand there are going to be some issues and i wanted to say that over all i do like the new lay out, my only question/suggestion is there anyway i can sort my collection by price when i go to my stuff-collection? thank you in advance

    1. Yes, that is very important and will come (wish we had it but had to move faster than we wanted to do this).

  2. Is there going to be a way to view the overall value of our collection and a way to view the total number of items in our collection?

  3. One thing I noticed before the migration, and I’m not the only one, is this: how does the new common NBC Mayor have a value of $400 when it hasn’t even released yet? Meanwhile at least one thing in my that is already out still has no value.

      1. Now I see that items I had removed in my show the Collection feature highlighted when I search for them in the Database, even though the Collection filter doesn’t bring them up. Why is that?

  4. I don’t know how I feel about customs being given values, as they aren’t officially produced by funko. It would just seem a little weird seeing a custom in someone’s top 10 next to official grails. I fully support protos being given values, but not custom pops.

    1. Customs, as they are not made by Funko, will only be shown on hobbyDB. You can chose to add them to your collection there (and then they will show on PPG, you can do the same with Action Figures, Kidrobot, etc). Anything on hobbyDB will eventually have a value but some values are more firm than others (some Pops get sold daily while some Wobblers did not have a transaction for years). We will display all of that and might even introduce a price reliable indicator (same red for a lot of uncertainty to green indicating you can 99% rely on that price). More on this on our regular updates.

  5. Values in the collection are sometimes different than the showcase. Example. Shocktrooper is $75 in the collection but $175 in the showcase. The $175 is the more accurate number.

  6. Mine total value of my collection keeps the same after delete some funko pops? Is that also a problem what is going to be fixed??

    1. Hi Kim, we calculate those values once per day and will probably add a timestamp to it so that you can see when it was run the last time.

  7. My entire collection was deleted in the transition, save for four items. I’m not about to go through and all them all again, so that’s it for me and this website. What a disaster

    1. Hi Andrew, you will have used a different email address to this on PPG. The four items that you can see are the ones you bought with your hobbyDB account. I will email you separately so you can send me what you know and I can find your PPG account.

      FOR ALL, NO COLLECTION HAS BEEN LOST. Where users had different email addresses on PPG and hobbyDB they will have two accounts as we would not know that these are owned by the same person.

  8. There was a feature called “newly added to guide” that I really liked skimming so that I’m up to date on newly announced Pop Vinyls, and I don’t know if that came back, and if it did, I can’t find it now. Was that removed?

    1. There are many ways to do that. The easiest is to do an “empty” search in the Database, i.e. search for nothing in the Database. If you don’t want to see customs you can go to the Subject for Funko and sort items by newest added to the Database (here). If you just want to see Pops or Pez click on Types and select Vinyl Art Toys or Pez.

      This is a very different site with much more capabilities and you are used to a very different interface, it is just natural that it will take you a while. Try it out and test various aspects of the site!

  9. Hi, in your database, it doesn’t anymore say if a pop is vaulted or not? Can you add this again? I love the new features and details. Thank you!

    1. Hi October977, PPG used to record until 2017 but then stopped. And yes, it would be good to have, we will add that again.

  10. One of the most used features that is now unavailable was the ability to see an entire collection in one page (even if over 1,000 items). Then, being able to use a page search (ctrl+F) and search a page for certain values, pop name, etc. Then not having to create multiple tabs, etc.
    If this can’t be recreated, at least ability to sort by value on the collection page would be somewhat helpful. Is this going to be a feature soon?

    1. Hi Steven,

      The “Everything-on-one-page” was the biggest reason why we had to move as some users had more than 10,000 items and no modern website can do that (even Amazon has pagination). We spend all of our time fixing that page so it would load and could not do anything else. It looks us weeks to move 300,000 accounts and 40 million items and while this has problems it has a future. The old tech as a losing battle. That being said I hope you like the changes that are coming both on how you share your collection and what it will look like (there is an early view of it here).

  11. Can you add a filter by product function to searching the database? I normally only look for pops, and the occasional mystery mini.

    1. You can do that 3 different ways. We have a filter for Vinyl Art Toys such as Pops or MMs (here), you could add Pop Vinyls (Or Mystery Minis or just Mystery) to the search or go to relevant Subject pages such as Mystery Minis).

  12. In addition to increasing the pops per page which I see you have said youre looking into, having a view that was more compact (without the full glam?) than it currently is would be great. Currently in my collection i can see ~2.5pops on my computer screen at once. Old PPG youd be able to see like 12 or more. I also see youre going to add sorting options. Would be nice if you guys re-added the “notes” you had before so when sharing the wishlist people could see if it was labelled a grail, high priority, low priority at a glance. Hoping for the best.

    1. I like the stats and all of this is in works (for more I refer to our weekly update emails which we will also post here on the blog).

    1. No, we are not going to do this as we cannot go back. 

The everything on one page was the biggest reason why we had to move as some users had more than 10,000 items and no modern website can do that (even Amazon has pagination). We spend all of our time fixing that page so it would load and could not do anything else. It looks us weeks to move 300,000 accounts and 40 million items and while this has problems it has a future. The old tech was a losing battle.

      I am truely sorry that you don’t like the new experience and in general change is always difficult. That being said we strongly believe this will soon be better than the old site with constant improvements. Please bear with us (or get involved).

  13. For some reason the value of my collection is off, added a bunch of stuff and value hasn’t changed, is there something I’m doing wrong….. thanks

  14. When will the pops be sorted by series (disney animation movies etc..)? And will you provide a list with an unique page? I have several ties the same pop, and they’re all over the place. And where can I find the link to share my collection?

  15. is there a way of changing the currency default according to our location? I’m in Canada and the currency is defaulted to USD. Trying to see if there is an easier way instead of updating each entry

    1. That was always planned and with so many new international users we have to move that up the priority. Should be there soon and thanks for the suggestion.

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