San Diego Comic-Con 2020: See the Shared Exclusives

San Diego Comic-Con

Another San Diego Comic-Con is in the books, and while concerns over COVID-19 relegated Funko’s booth this year to a virtual format, we’re still left with a slew of great new vinyl figures.

As usual, Funko’s SDCC exclusives have been split into two categories, the convention item and its shared exclusive (Hot Topic, GameStop, Target, etc.) — all discernible by the sticker on the front of the box.

How did your SDCC 2020 Pop! hunting go? Tell us in the comments below.

Here’s a look at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con 2020 Shared Exclusives...


Dark Captain Marvel and Sith Jet Trooper (Flying)

Captain Marvel

Best Buy




Kevin (Remix) and Yzma

Toy Story

Entertainment Earth

Ra’s Al Ghul and Zim with Minimoose

Ra's Al Ghul


SDCC Toucan, Ron Burgundy, Ron Burgundy (Jazz Flute), Ron Burgundy with Baxter, Brian Fantana, Brick Tamland, Harry Potter (World Cup), Jack Box, Mewtwo (Flocked), Michelangelo with Surfboard, and Wallace Wells

Ron Burgundy


Iron Bob

Iron Bob


Hello Kitty (Robot), Mr. Freeze Batman & Robin (Glitter), Super Tails & Super Silver (2-Pack), Vulpix (Flocked), and Zombie The Thing (10-Inch)

Hello Kitty


Hot Topic

Katsuki Bakugo, Nightcrawler, and SSG Goku



Cyborg Superman and Stan Lee (Iron Man)

Stan Lee



Wade Wilson (Weapon XI)

Wade Wilson Deadpool


Marty Checking Watch, Recyclops (Helmet), and Rippley


13 thoughts on “San Diego Comic-Con 2020: See the Shared Exclusives

  1. Managed to snag Ra’s al Ghul from Entertainment Earth, getting Nightcrawler (flying) from a friend who snagged it for me.

  2. I was lucky and got all 5 Anchorman from Funko, as well as Nightcrawler from Hot Topic, and Stan Lee and Cyborg Superman from Target

  3. Managed to get mewtwo flock and toucan astronaut on the website right when it opened and then picked up back to the future Marty at a Walmart I got the three I wanted

  4. I unbelievably got lucky enough to get Black Lightning. He’ll be perfect in my DC collection and since there’s no way I’d ever make it to SDCC, this was like a super special win. I still can’t believe it.

  5. I wasn’t able to get either the Iron Bob or Ripley from fortnite from Virtual Con because of Funko’s screwed up site that once again crashed even though I already had mine in my cart. Tried FYE online and they were sold out as well. Definitely not happy

    1. Ikr?! Can’t believe funko is still having this issue with their site. They need to update their point of sale software so if you have it in your cart it’s yours and you don’t loose it waiting to check out. Funko, your online store truly sucks.

  6. I placed an order with Funko shop on the 22nd of July at exactly 8:02 pm. My order was confirmed after SEVERAL minutes of the website clocking to verify ” free shipping on orders over $50 “, which my order was, and while the site was clocking, I was informed that one particular funko pop i most desired, Black Lighting, had become unavailable due to ” out of stock” status, when I was in stock, in my cart. Very disappointed in this.

  7. It was a mess, I had 4 pops in my cart on the funko site. I had the Bakugo, the SSG Goku, the Nightcrawler and Jack in the Box. I was waiting in line to checkout which took 30 minutes to progress. Then I filled out my info and my payment info and clicked to complete. It told me one of the pops was already sold out. Then i went to pay again and another was sold out. After my third attempt I was able to purchase two of them, but of course the free shipping was now gone. I was online at 5:00pm, the moment it went live and was unable to snag the ones I wanted. Then it happened all over again on the Hot Topic site because they decided to go live 10 minutes before their actual start time. Of course the bots snagged everything because they had a limit of 5 per customer. So when everyone went online at the announced time, the pops were gone. I keep hoping it will get better. They will find a way to make the collectors happy and not just the flippers. But nothing changes. Its a flippers game and we can’t win.

  8. So far, I have been able to snatch up Michaelangelo and Mewtoo off Funko. Grabbed Marty, Ripley and Dwight at Walmart. The 10” Thing, Sonic 2 pack, Mr. Freeze, Vulpix and Hello Kitty from Gamestop. And Stan Lee from Target. Trying to find Wade Wilson now to finish up my haul.

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