PPG Migration: Introducing Showcase and Collection Features

The Pop Price Guide migration continues this week as we work towards building the ultimate PPG. Once completed (probably next week), the migration allows us to finally create and implement a wide variety of new features and tools that were previously impossible due to some outdated technology.

Read more about the importance of updating our old tech stack and server to a new setup powered by hobbyDB by clicking here.

As you might already know, we weren’t immune from glitches during the first phase of our migration and are working to correct those now.

If you’re still having issues, here are some answers. If you’ve already read these, skip ahead to the Fun Stuff below.

Log-In Issues

Prior to gaining access to the new Pop Price Guide, we’re asking users to change their passwords, in an effort to protect your own personal security and because we do not have access to your passwords.

If you are still having trouble logging-in, follow this link to reset your password. If issues still exist, please don’t hesitate to message us via the vertical green Contact hobbyDB button along the right side of every page.

If your username was already taken, or you used a different email on hobbyDB then you did on PPG, your account name now has _ppg at the end. For example, if your username was Wonderwoman, you will now be Wonderwoman_ppg. If you wish to change your username, email us with your new desired name, making sure it has at least one letter and five characters.

Duplicates in Collections

We began the preparations for the PPG migration three months ago. As a result, you might notice items in your collection that you recently deleted have now reappeared. While we apologize for the inconvenience, we would like to offer a solution.

We’ve provided the option to bulk delete items from your collection. In your Collection page (see below), simply mark the green button to the left of the item you wish to remove, then choose the delete option under the Batch Actions button located above your collection.

Missing Notes/Other Fields in Collections

We’ve reinstated more than 3.5 million of your personalized notes back into your collections. You can find them by clicking on an item in your collection.  You will find Purchase Date and Source in the Private Notes.

We added them there because the old site did not have a default format for items such as “dates added” and “locations”  – as a result, users added this info to their notes in all possible manners (Nov. 1, 11/1 or “On Launch” for dates and HT, Hot Topic or “trip to NYC” for locations, for example).  This contributed to the delay in the migration. 

“Price Paid” was easier and is not in the correct field. As the currency fields were also not standardized on the old site, we had to decide on something
and added them as U.S. dollar form (which would be correct for the vast majority of users).

Now for the Fun Stuff, for example sharing your collection –

Among these new features are the creation of the Showcase and Collection pages – both of which are located under the My Stuff tab. In the past, Collection Tools and Sharing capabilities were all managed on one page, which made each limited in terms of new features and improvements that we were able to build around them.


You’re going to want to see and share all of your hard work in action. This is where you turn to your Showcase.

Your Showcase is your museum where everything is proudly on display. And how your Showcase looks depends largely on your own personal preferences.

Here you can easily customize the look of your Showcase with filters from newest to oldest and featured items. That includes the ability to display your collection by any search parameter that you can think of (Marvel, Pop! Movies, Dorbz, etc.).

Coming soon, we’ll also be adding the ability to sort your collection by price value, which will soon display in your Showcase.

But the big news is the ability to break your collection into categories.

We’re working on adding the ability to categorize your collection into categories (each a Subcollection) that will be viewable in your Showcase. These categories will be managed in your Collection page (see below) and will be shareable among your friends and other collectors by simply copying the Subcollection’s url.

Check out BatCollector and his Batcave  –

And some of his Batmen…

Note the orange box surrounding Batman (Rainbow – Pride). That denotes a Featured item, as set by you, and effectively pins that item to the top of your Subcollection.

Lastly, you’ll want to give your Showcase page its own unique look. Do this with personalized avatar and banner images.


Different from your Showcase, think of your Collection as your one-stop management tool to fine tune your collection.  

Here you can view your collection with our specialized filters, with options to search by storage location, items for sale/not for sale/for trade, and specific dates that you added items to your collection, to name a few.

From this page you can sell items with the click of a button. This will also be the page to help manage your Subcollection pages, i.e. how to categorize your collection. Look for that and other new capabilities coming soon. 

If you’ve recently added an item from the guide and don’t immediately see it in your collection, give it about 10 minutes before it appears.


It’s our goal to regularly introduce you to new users or new items. Today we offer both.

Meet Le Fantôme devient pop who takes us on a journey to the catacombs of the Paris Opera House with a custom collection dedicated to “The Phantom of the Opera.”

This 50 piece hand-crafted set comes with a rarity of just one made, aside from the Phantom of the Opera Final Lair custom, of which only two were created. Among the other works of art in the set include Christine Daae Posing in the Settee and Kiss the Girl: Phantom and Christine in the Boat, as well as The Phantom of the Opera as Red Death.

Check out the entire collection here.

Let us Know

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue with our migration. We value and welcome your feedback. Let us know what you like and what we can create and improve upon. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box. The migration now affords us the ability to implement changes much quicker and easier. To quote the Six Million Dollar Man…we have the technology. Let us know by reaching out to us at support@hobbydb.com.

4 thoughts on “PPG Migration: Introducing Showcase and Collection Features

  1. Hello was wondering if I could share some of my customs on here so that they could be too mentioned as per the phantom of the opera customs

    1. We would love to show more customs and will probably do every now and then. I send you an email with next steps.

  2. This migration is a mess. The design language of UI is horrible as nothing is easy to find not to mention the site hardly functions like it used to. That’s a big deal since prior to the changes everything was perfect. It now takes too long to figure out where the overview my collection got moved to since everything is so cluttered and at the same time too clean. If we’re talking about the actual collection page it hurts to look at knowing what it used to be. Oh and where did the newly added page go to? It’s a mess.

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