Pop Price Guide Migration: A Closer Look at the New PPG

The Pop Price Guide migration is underway and we understand if you have questions, concerns or need a few moments to process the changes.

First off, we want to address the importance of why we had to do this migration – 

Fueled by your support, we’ve built a community of collectors, fans and volunteers to keep us honest, current and on our toes every day. Many of you believed in us so much, that more than 600 of our users actually invested in PPG and we couldn’t be more thankful.

Due to now really outdated technology, however, we’ve struggled with maintaining the PPG code, which hampered our ability to release any new features. And with a super small team and limited resources, we simply could not continue holding up different technology stacks, while also trying to provide quality user experiences.

That same outdated technology also meant an ever-increasing list of security risks that we kept on fixing, but took more and more of our time. That is why we rolled out this change earlier than we ideally wanted.

We know that with this change, we lost some functionality that you were used to – however we are committed to getting the overall experience and design right.

That’s where your suggestions become vital in moving us forward. Please feel free to send any feedback to our team. And please be specific to what you miss, what you would like to see moving forward and don’t be afraid to think outside the confines of the box.

The Nitty Gritty Details of the Transfer – 

If you had at least one item in your Collection or Want List, we automatically transitioned your profile into the new Funko-specific system that’s powered by hobbyDB.

The only thing we ask of you, will be to reset the password on your profile (an important step to ensure we protect your privacy). The password you used on the old site will no longer work.

Reset your password here.

If you already had an account with hobbyDB, we used that user name for your PPG profile. For those of you new to hobbyDB, your user name remains the same name as your Pop Price Guide account.There were two exceptions, however. If your PPG username was already taken on hobbyDB by someone with a different email address, we added “_ppg” to the end of your username. The same went for usernames that contained numbers only, which are not supported on hobbyDB.

From there we can always amend your username for you if you’d like, just shoot us an email at support@hobbydb.com.

Some Bugs

There were bound to be a few glitches with a project of this magnitude, as we transfer 40 million collectibles to the new system. We want you to know that we are diligently working to correct those issues as we speak. 

You can read about some known issues and ask more questions in our newly created FAQ.

New Features Include

  • Variants and Subvariants (Boba Fett is a good example)
  • Wish List integration
  • Price charts
  • Personalized avatar and banner
  • More item images
  • Wishlist integration and making selling easier

Read more about these new features and tools here.  Look for these features coming your way  –

  • Customizable lists
  • Social media sharing
  • Member List
  • Member Stats
  • More values from new sources

We’re very excited about the opportunity to provide the Pop Price Guide experience that we’ve always envisioned and that you deserve.

Rest assured that despite the migration, the PPG you know and love for its extensive catalog, price valuations and collection management will remain.

If you have any issues or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at support@hobbydb.com.

22 thoughts on “Pop Price Guide Migration: A Closer Look at the New PPG

    1. Yes, we are planning for users to build their own lists and this could be one of them (you can also do What’s How Batman for example). BTW, that function broke quite some time ago and we never got to fix it.

  1. * Please make the lists sortable by value. (Right now the only options are item, date added to collection (which is off anyway due to the port) and quantity.)
    * Please give an option for compact or expanded list view. The list view right now takes up way too much screen space if trying to scroll quickly.
    * Please bring back the summary table that gives the number of items in your collection and the overall value.

    1. 1. Yes, that is coming
      2. We will go to 50 items per page next and reduce elements used (particularly on the Mobile), but we cannot show all items as some users have more than 10,000 items and it created HUGE problems on the old site which is part why we had to move (read more about it in the post from Wednesday)
      3. That is already there. You can find them in your Showcase (in the My Stuff menu or the main menu on the very right)

      1. On the other iteration of the site, you could choose to see your list with or without pictures. That’s the sort compact vs. expanded view I mean. It will allow you to see more without scrolling versus the only 2-3 you can see now.

  2. I have to second the company view ability. Both mobile/desktop takes up WAY to much space. Its understandable not all items can be shown on one page- however this could be adjusted so the pictures/boxes are not so big and we can get more than 30 items per page.

    I swore I saw something about the ability for tagging/grouping (i.e. I could tag all my GOT into one group, and my Daredevil stuff into a group from the rest of my marvel collection etc)- I have yet to figure out how to do this …. did I dream this ability up?

    A couple of glitches I noticed when cleaning things up on my account:
    A) Moving an item off wishlist into collection didn’t work. I would click “add to collection” and it wouldn’t show up. Had to delete off wishlist and manually add it from the database.

    B) it would be SUPER helpful (imho) if in the options to pick of where you purchased from that we have the ability to pick a couple of other sites outside of Ebay (I was thinking at least Mercari and Amazon).

    C) How do we add customs? I just bought four customs from someone that they made for me and I would like to add them to the database to keep track of them as a back up for insurance.

    1. Hi Tessana,

      We are working on that, in particular, the ability to create custom groups for your collection and Showcase.

      A) I will test that but basically it can take up to 10 minutes for a collectible to show up in your collection (there are now just about 40 million collectibles in the system)
      B) We will add those (Amazon, Mercari, StockX, what else?
      C) Re customs you need to be a Contributor to the system, I will email you separately

  3. My entire collection of 2k+ Funkos is gone, replaced by 1 listing for a Cheshire Cat. It’s all gone, even my want list and everything else. I’ve asked why and had no response. I’ve waited and seen no updates. I used this site often, guess I won’t even bother now. What’s the point? I’d literally have to go thru every single funko and add them back. They had the correct dates and notes and now it’s all gone!

  4. What is the best way to add multiple of same pop

    I did edit and increase quantity, but that never got reflected in the totals count.

    If I add it as another separate entry, then it reflects in count and value.

    Which is the correct way to do it?


    1. Add quantities. The stats get updated once a day (and if they do not create a ticket and we look into it).

  5. I’ll give you guys your do. I spoke to Christian who managed to get my pops back into my account. I had 2 accounts with 2 different emails so it was a problem i was told. You guys got your lumps from me, but im man enough to say Thank You because you fixed it. I know others are having some problems but i hope all can be fixed for them as well as what you did for me. 1 question, how come when i want to list my collection as high to low that doesnt work for me. Newest works, but not highest.

    Thx again….

  6. All my insider info if all my 700 POPs are gone such as the day I purchased it, how much, where, etc…

    1. Hi Brendan, we will review your missing info on Tuesday and come back to you, maybe on Thursday. For your safety I removed your email address here. For others that either have duplicated accounts or missing info send us a ticket, please.

  7. How do I send my URL link to somebody. I’m selling some of my pop from my collection and now I can’t send them the link to look thru what I have.

    1. Yes, you can! Either send them your Showcase or sort your Showcase and send them that URL or put items up for sale and send that link (you can find that link both in your Showcase and in the marketplace).

  8. Where did the notes go? I know how to make new ones, but all the notes I added on the old website seem to have disappeared. I really hope this is not the case.

    General feedback: I like the added stuff in the collection like the item condition and storage location.
    However, I don’t like the new search engine. It’s less clear than the old one. Do you think you will add an option to only search for Pop!’s, instead of having to scroll through mini’s, Wacky Wobblers etc.? That would help a lot. Also, it’s no longer possible to see if a Pop! is vaulted. Will that come back? Last thing: I think it would be clearer to give the for ex. ‘Funko HT exclusive’ another place in the details list.

    1. Hi Sam

      We are looking into notes and will make an announcement on Tuesday. Re searching, you can add negative terms such as -Wobblers (that would not help here) or add more terms, here Vinyl or Pop Vinysl (that should give you only Pops). You can see all the Funko Hot Topic exclusives on the Hot Topic page.

      For the Vaulted, we could add that as a Production Status, would love to hear from others about that? Who wants that, please?

      1. Hi there,

        I read in the other thread that you’re going to add the ‘vaulted’ status again. I also noticed that the notes from the old website are back, so I’m happy.

        I have another question. Before, the items in your collection were sorted by Funko license. Is this what you mean with the feature that is coming later this summer? Or will the sorting be different?

        Last thing: the searchbar in the showcase doesn’t work; it can’t find items I actually have in my collection/wish list. Maybe you already know this, just want to report the bug.

        Good luck with everything.

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