Pop Price Guide FAQ: Answering Your PPG Migration Questions

The Pop Price Guide migration is underway and we understand if you have some questions, concerns or need a second to process the changes.

There were bound to be a few glitches with a project of this magnitude, as we transfer 40 million collectibles to the new system.

We want you to know that we are diligently working to correct those issues as we speak. We are committed to getting both the design and functionality right as we work through this transition and your patience is greatly appreciated.

You can help. Let us know in specific terms what you would like to see in the new interface, as well as what we’re missing. The best part of this project is that it now allows us to design and implement changes and improvements in a much easier and quicker fashion.

Your specific feedback will help us focus on what is most important to you. 

To help answer some of your questions and to allay any concerns, we’ve created a FAQ that we hope will provide some insight. We will be updating this post regularly as we gather more information and resolve these issues, so check back routinely.

Q: My collection doesn’t seem to be right

A: The system will continue to update collections over the next 24 hours, so please check back tomorrow and if there is still an issue with your collection, just shoot us another note and we’ll investigate. 


Q: Why am I seeing an issue with privacy settings when I try to visit PPG?

A: We did experience a temporary glitch with the site migration, but all should be back to normal now. Please clear your cache and visit us again.


Q: What happened to my ability to organize my collections by franchise?

A: We introduced something similar that is more flexible, read about it here.


Q: Why can’t I see the values of the items in my collection without clicking through to the database?

A: By the end of the next week, we will be adding the item value to the overall collection view, so it will be easy to see values at a glance. We will then add the ability to sort your collection by value as well. 

You can see the overall value of your collection, as well as your top ten within your showcase.

Prices are now there and also links to the Database Items where you can see price charts, tables, and details of all transactions included in the price estimate.


Q: Why are you asking for my PayPal Email?

A: At the moment, you will only be asked to provide your PayPal details if you are looking to sell an item on the PPG marketplace, or if you try to delete an item. We will be removing that requirement from deleting items within the week, so hang in there with us as we solve this issue. 

We are now only asking for that when you want to sell items (as we need to know then).


Q: I cannot seem to log in

A: First off, please try to reset your password here – https://www.hobbydb.com/marketplaces/poppriceguide/users/password/new

If that doesn’t work, check in to see if you possibly already have an account with hobbyDB. Try logging-in with _ppg attached to the end of your username.


If you’re still having trouble, just create a ticket on the right (the green button here on the page) or send us a note to support@hobbydb.com to let us know and we’ll investigate.

101 thoughts on “Pop Price Guide FAQ: Answering Your PPG Migration Questions

    1. We should have all the data. Can you please send us a ticket (green button on the side here) on Thursday or later (too busy at the moment) and we will help you?

  1. I have over 1500 pops and Everytime we bought one we would use the notes box to keep track of who owned each pop.Me my wife my son and daughter whether they got it for christmas,birthday, father’s day ECT. All that info is missing on the new app.will that be added in the new app or Is there anyway to recover it?

    1. Hm, they should be there. If they are not by next week create a ticket please (the green button on the side of the screen) and we will look into it (migrations are hard and mistakes happen but we still have all the data and can always go back to it).

  2. Hello! I have many people who are eager to track my collection and my public collection URL no longer works. Has this functionality been removed altogether?

    1. No, you got the Showcase. Think of it as your Museum. We plan to add a gallery (where you can show photos of your complete collection) and a list builder, where you will be able to build lists of things you like, say “My Fav 12 Batmen” (assuming that is the plural for Batman). We are also soon releasing a member directory.

  3. Currently the collection list defaults to most recent. I’d rather see them in alphabetical order at the very least but it keeps reverting back when I change it. The most recent added date is pointless because it shows the cutover date for pretty much all of them. Will this be fixed?

    1. Your point makes sense as your collection will show the date of the migration. It might be best if you can choose your default.

  4. We are planning to allow you to choose how many items to show per page, but it will not be all (some members have 25,000 items). Probably 25, 50 and 100. Try the search on the site of your collection.

  5. I tried adding a couple of new items to teat, the collection button is highlighted, but it does not show up in list.

    Also, how can I tell the value of the collection. Not sure if I am looking in the correct place.

    Finally the Dashboard always crashes.

    Positive note, site looks nice

    1. Thanks for the compliment! Re your questions, it might take a while for them to show in your Collection (particularly as we are still under heavy load from the migration). You can see the value of your collection and your Top 10 in the Showcase which we plan to make your online museum. Re the Dashboards, please send us a ticket so we can look into that if it still happens (we doubled server capacity this morning so hope it does not).

      1. Speaking of the overall value. That number seems incorrect. I removed over 40 items and it stayed the same amount.

        1. That has been fixed. Please check again and if there is issue send us a message (green button here on the page).

  6. I’m trying to login to see my collection. When I type in my login/pw, the screen just refreshes. I click on the option to view my collection and it just takes me back to the sign in page again.

  7. Will there be a page that shows newly added items to the database? I’m not as savvy at finding new releases and that feature was a huge help.

  8. The print view option was very useful and is sorely missed. Can you please bring back a way to export my collection?

  9. Are you going to be bringing back all the funko category subpages in the future? I’m a customizer and I use this site to browse for pieces and parts and it was so nice to go through all the categories, but now all I see is the marketplace which I have no interest in.

    1. They are already there. They are called Subjects and you can search them. You can also go to Funko and then browse to all its Related Subjects. You can even add your own items (we want all Customs in the database, talk to us – use the green button on the right!).

  10. Are we going to have the ability within customizable lists to finally sort by price? Being able to see our list in this manner will make it easier to ascertain what’s doing well past the top 10 list.

    1. YES! Great question (and of the features I cannot wait to see!). Show me all SDCC Pops sorted by highest to lowest or all Batman (Batmen?)…

  11. I am missing a large part of my collection that was listed on the old site. Is that a part of the update? Also can that information be retrieved .

    1. We got all the data. Can you please send us a ticket (green button on the side here) on Thursday or later (too busy at the moment) and we will help you?

  12. I had typed in where I bought the majority of my POPs in my collection. Those entries appear to be gone now and new items only have a dropdown for purchase location which don’t allow me to type in specifics (Funko Shop, FYE, GameStop, etc.). Is my old data lost? Will it be added into one of the other fields?
    Overall, your collection layout took a huge step back from a usability standpoint fromthe previous version. Way too much wasted space on the page and definitely missing the clean table format for my entire collection from the past. Even adding new items to the collection takes about 4 or 5 additional clicks or fields to capture what i could do simply in a single pop-up box before. The date, having to enter year, then month, then day, is a mess too as compared to just picking off a calendar or simply typing in DD/MM/YYYY.

    1. Can you please send us a ticket (green button on the side here) early next week (too busy at the moment) and we will look at the missing info (we got a backup). Re your other comment send us your ideas, I am not sure why this would take you longer to add items (maybe we can improve or I can show you). Lastly, the date helps adding items you got in 2015 or in March 2017 and where you don’t remember the date (but yes, that one is more clicks).

  13. Taking away the daily value page was a very bad idea. With the fast paced life that everyone has, who has the time to search each individual pops.!? I do hope you bring the daily value page back. It was MUCH quicker to find my info that I wanted. Since April 2019 I kept a hand written historical timeline of the value of my collection…..or at least put the price next to the pop on collection page so we don’t have to click on the icon and check in database….

    1. You will find the Collection Total in your Showcase and the value in the Collection is coming tomorrow (we have a lot of improvement plans as we now have time, we had to do so much firefighting on the old code that we could not ever do anything new, now we can).

  14. Fair point on prices, they did not make it on time to the Collection page (but should come tomorrow). Can I suggest you test drive the site for a few days and then let us know what you think (use the green button on the site). We now have time that we earlier had to spend propping up the old PPG (it was based on an obsolete stack and old).

  15. Will we be able to choose to sort Funko pops from lowest price to highest price? All I see right now are the options to sort alphabetically and newest/oldest.

    1. Yes, you will tehn be able to sort SDCC Pops, Games of Thrones Mystery Minis or (eventually) Wobblers that are made between 2006 and 2012 by price. I believe we will get that out in August.

  16. So the new database only shows the 80 items I had listed on June 15th or so and not the 5000 or so items I listed in the last 2 weeks and probably 100+ hours of listing. When will my new data be fully integrated into the new site?

    1. Nothing is lost (but it might not be on the new server). Please check tomorrow afternoon US time and if they are not there send us a ticket (the green button on the right here). Sorry for that!

      1. Just sent another support ticker, still missing 4500-5000 entrees of data. Please give me an update.

  17. Please add the option to delete the entire collection or at least multi select and bulk delete items. I’d like to purge my collection and start over to ensure accuracy.

    1. Multi-select to come. If you want to delete all to restart send us a ticket and we can do in the next few days (ticket is the green button on the side here).

  18. The values are a nice addition but are incredibly wrong. So many of my collection has suddenly dropped 50-75%. Something is definitely not working as it should.

  19. Hi, I have tried login multiple times with correct password but I’m not getting anywhere. Are we supposed to get new login credentials or what?

    1. Please request a new password as we don’t save passwords for users. If you still have problems please post a ticket (the green button on the right here).

  20. I had a hobby dB database with some collectibles an a couple pops(48 items total). I had a ppg collection with 378 pops.
    I only see the hobby dB items. Will thy merge?

    1. You used a different email on hobbyDB and therefore you have two collections (i.e. your PPG items came over separately into a different collection). I will email you with more details.

  21. My collection seems to list each pop now twice with twice the value. I dont want to go in and have to individually delete all the duplicates. Is this part of the growing pains and will be corrected or something that I have to correct myself?

    1. I have emailed you re this and am not sure why you have two of each (unless you bought them on hobbyDB and then added them to your PPG collection). We are adding a bulk delete early next week to the collection, that should help.

  22. I hope you fix the Coming Soon page to be more user-friendly. I should be able to choose how many of the most recent items added to display in case I miss some as they are added and fall off the page view. I should also be able to filter by type. This is a feature that has been promised to be “coming soon” for about 3 years now and it’s absurd that it is taking so long. Result limiting/filtering/sorting on EVER page with a list view is a MUST and requires no rocket science to accomplish. When looking at Coming Soon I should be able to adjust the page to show me the last 100 Pop Vinyls that were added so I don’t have to look at t-shirts, pins, and other items that I don’t care about. If I only want to see pins, then I should be able to limit the results to pins, etc.

      1. And yet Pop! Vinyls is not even listed as an option to filter by. The list should simply be different Funko product lines. Pop! Vinyl Figures, Pop! Keychain, Pop! Pez, Pop! T-shirt, Pop! Home, Dorbz, Wacky Wobblers, Re-Action, etc. That generic HobbyDB product type list is just too general.

        1. There are only so many choices on each menu. But you can search for Pop! Vinyl. There is only a page for Pop! Vinyl in Subjects (which you can favor and then we will soon send you notifications of new items coming out when they are added).

  23. Hi,

    could you add the rating of the POPs in the showcase, divide them by category and put them all on one page? Thank you.

    1. By rating do you mean the Price Estimate? That will come and be optional. Re dividing, we are building a list builder that allows you to sort them the way you want. Re all on a page that is not possible as some users own more than 10,000 items. We will increase the number of items over time as we are making the site faster.

  24. I have over 3500 pops logged on PPG. I have tried to login to view my collection and for some reason when I login it kicks me back to the login page and wo t let me login. Please help

    1. Hi Chris, create a ticket and we will do in the database for you. If you have a _ppg account you had one account on hobbyDB and one on PPG with different email addresses. So please also tell us which email we should add and what you like us to with the hobbyDB account (remove?).

      1. How do I create a ticket? I don’t think I ever had a hobbyDB account. I just used PPG to track my collection. Never sold or bought with hobbyDB. The email left with this comment is the only email I have for PPG.

  25. I figured out I had two accounts from this merge. The PPG one (Yahoo email) has my current collection, but how do I delete the hobbydb account since I only want to use my PPG account info on the hobbydb site? Can you merge the two so I only have ONE or I’d prefer the my old hobbydb account that I registered with my Gmail deleted.

    1. Correct, please send us a ticket (the green button on the right with which account should survive, the username (5 characters, at least one letter and not used yet) and email address and we do that for you.

    1. Yes, we got a quick add in the database or you can click to the Database Item view (where you see the price chart etc) and add it there for the long-form. –

  26. 1. Will I be able to recover all the notes I had written for the 1,600+ Funko items in my collection?
    2. In the past, there was the option to print out a copy of my collection (and notes for each entry). Will this option be available again in the new PPG?
    3. For the list of my “top 10 Pops with the highest values”, will there be an option of showing how many of each I have, in case of having multiples of Pops in my “Top 10”?
    I like the new look of PPG but I’m worried because I rely on this site for keeping track of my collection and all their notes/details. Thanks!

    1. Quick answers –

      1. Please fill out a ticket on Monday for that. We will then deal with any data issues (green button on the right here)
      2. Yes, we like to offer that as a PDF with different layouts (for you, to show to others)
      3. Not sure, have to think about that (we plan lists like my Fav Funko Batman or coolest Wobblers that you can build for your collection, your wishlist or the database and then share but had no plans to add which one those you own)

  27. My collection had 212 pieces. It had 17 as of yesterday. So i need to go in and add all 212 again?? I have an account with DB so i didnt have to add the _ppg. So will my collection come back or do i need to add all 212 again????

  28. Hi, when I change the quantity of an item in my collection, and delete a duplicate entry, the total # of items in my collection goes down and the total collection value doesn’t reflect a change in quantity either. I changed one of my quantites to 1000 just to check and collection item total & value stayed completely the same.

    1. Hi Charlie,

      These get calculated daily. We are planning to add a time stamp. Recalculating the value of almost 40 million items using 5 or 6 million price points take enormous capacity and cannot be done on the fly.

      1. I am not talking about recalculating an individual items price, I’m asking if I change the quantity of an item, will that be reflected in the collection items total and value totals. I would rather add an item entry once and change the quantity for multiples, rather than add the same item multiple times to have it reflected in the collection totals & value totals. I know your item totals update daily, I’ve used your site almost daily for 2 years now, and am hoping this upgrades you all are making will keep us collectors around! Thanks for replying & good luck!

        1. Yes, it should not matter if you add an item and then add it again or add it with the quantity of 2

      2. Like Charlie says the overall value hasn’t changed since the upgrade. I mentioned this earlier in the comment section.

        1. We fixed this and the cron tasks that are doing the recalculations are running now once every 24 hours.

        2. We fixed that yesterday (our servers were overloaded and did not run the daily updates on these but they are doing so now). We are considering adding time stamps so you can see when they were last updated.

  29. My entire collection has been deleted as a result of this upgrade. You’ve got to be kidding me….

    1. Hi, you had used a different email address on PPG than on hobbyDB. And as we did not want to give your collection to somebody who might not be you we created a separate account. I emailed you the details and also how we can change username and email address.

  30. Sorry in advance for such a long comment. (So many questions and concerns….)
    Will there be a way to edit the format that we view our collection in? For instance, on the old site you could view your collection on a single page, in simple rows, with small thumbnail photos, names and values. It was the easiest format to scroll through. The new layout seems much more time consuming, and feels like you’re clicking through a website designed for shopping, not collection tracking. If there isn’t a simpler way to view your collection, this will be a definite downgrade for me.
    Also, will there be a way to sort collections by category (Marvel, Animation, Movies, Heroes, etc.) like there was before? Or is the only option to filter search something specific? So far (before filtering) everything just seems to be mixed together, totally at random. How is this helpful for anyone? And even with filtering, you then only see what you searched (“Disney” or “Marvel” or “Animation”) instead of things being broken down by franchise and you being able to easily move from one category to the next.
    And I keep seeing people talking about sorting by alphabetical order. Am I missing something..?.. because there is no such button or option that I can see when viewing my collection. Is this a setting I have to select on a different page? If this is an option, that would be hugely helpful, because otherwise my collection is chaos and is not organized in any logical way.
    Also, I kept track of the date I purchased almost every item in my collection. It seems that I have lost the correct dates on almost all of my items. Many of them say they have just been added to my collection this month (I assume when the migration happened) and there are no other dates listed. Is there a way to recover this information? because I keep track of how long I have owned certain items in my collection and how their values have risen over time.
    Overall, so far, this update feels like it is more geared towards people who want to buy and sell, and/or simply want to “show off” their collections (with features like the “showcase”). It doesn’t appear to have made anything easier for those of us who just want an easy way to track our collections, to know what we already own and what we don’t.

    1. One of the reason for the migration is that everything on one page as some users had more than 10,000 items and no modern website can do that (even Amazon has pagination). We will add custom lists so you can sort the collection the way you like. We will report about progress in our new series of weekly email updates (and blog posts here).

      You can sort in your collection by the Blue Arrows on top and in your Showcase via the sort section on the top right

      We are working on re-importing other data that is missing and will make an announcement on then here on Tuesday (will also be an email). We are committed to building a Best of Breed almost museum-quality collection management system and an optional Showcase that allows you (if you want to) to share your collection with your friends or the world.

  31. Why are all the “value” prices In my collection different from the price guide value listed Sometimes by half or more when u click on details. I tried going into edit and turn up the quality to mint but does not reflect. I like to see the value you Would see in the price guide the mint value. What’s up with this?

    1. We just fixed this (there was a wrong attribute set for that value calculation). A note of caution, we calculate the Top 10 and item values only once a day as there are now 5m data sets to go through.

      1. Most were fixed. Some are still showing incorrectly. Is there maybe a report option we can use to report these issues so they can be worked on when time permits?

        1. Yes, please report all issues (but please do after Monday as we still have a lot of other stuff to do). Thanks!

  32. “A: By the end of the next week, we will be adding the item value to the overall collection view, so it will be easy to see values at a glance. We will then add the ability to sort your collection by value as well.”

    When can we expect the ability to sort by value?

    Thank you for the hard work on this! I know that in the end, it will be a great tool.

    1. Soon, sorry to be vague. We have a lot of new features and also some work to make the servers faster and more reliable. I would say sometimes in the next four weeks.

        1. Sorry, no. We are planning a tool that allows you to create a PDF of your collection with either your own images (different to the old PPG you can your own image for the items in your collection) with a cover title. But we are open to other ideas.

  33. Hello! The list of prices for most of the items I’m checking in the database items list are not the same price shown when you click into the database listing (above the chart).

    For instance Fred Flintstone shows $250 on the chart, but the item in the listings view (and Funko app) specify $290.

    Which is the price to trust? What’s causing the disparate pricing?

        1. Noted! Can you tell me what you are planning to do with it? I ask everybody that asks for it so I know more about what it should be in the end.

  34. Hi! There is an item that is valued at 75usd, but the last 60 days the value was 92 use and the last 30 days 96usd. Why isn’t it updating? The value even dropped from 80usd which I find weird.

    1. Hi. Unfortunately, we’re a small team, so we’re unable to offer phone support at this time. You can direct any questions to support@hobbydb.com and we will gladly help you out. Thanks!

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