Nothing Explains Things Better Than a Good Image

If you don’t have a Pop in front of you images are all important, so now the Funko database has no limits in terms of photos (the old site only had one).

This allows you to see those important little details like sticker type, reference number, or a stamp under a Pop’s foot.


We also added specific photos for specific purposes. First the pop on its own so you can see as much of it as possible (this is the new “Show on Search” image as that is where you will see them). Here the first two of 13 Batman variants  –


Then, of course, the Standard Image, the glam shot that you are accustomed to…


And those detail photos, for example on Pops that are really the same but the sticker (what we now call Subvariants)  –


At lastly any other images, say a Gotham City shot.


The same applies to your collection. You can use the Standard Image as the easy display option, and why not if yours is in perfect condition. But, if you have customized your item or it has damage, you can use your own images or even augment the Standard Image with a detailed photo — perhaps of the damage, for example.

If you would like to add images to the database, let us know that you’re interested in becoming a Contributor by emailing us at team@poppriceguide or by simply clicking the vertical green Contact hobbyDB button on the right side of every page.

We’re currently looking for help with these  –

  • Add images of Pops without packaging (the Show on Search images, i.e. just the Pop)
  • Detail images that help folks to identify fakes, ideally with explaining text (see above example)
  • Images of these last 36 30 Funko products that we don’t have images for  –
    1. Choose Fun
    2. Freddy Funko
    3. Funko HQ
    4. Funko Ratfink Collectible Coin Bank
    5. Funko Target Con 2020 Limited Edition Tee      – Done by hptoolhead, thanks!
    6. Harley Quinn (Bubblegum)
    7. Huckleberry Hound (Purple)      – Done by hptoolhead, thanks!
    8. Invisible Woman (Chrome Base)
    9. Jon Snow & Drogon        – Done by hptoolhead, thanks!
    10. Marcus Fenix
    11. Mr. Fantastic (Chrome Base)
    12. Nightmare Foxy (Poster)    – Done by hptoolhead, thanks!
    13. Nightmare Moon
    14. Nightmare Moon (Glitter)
    15. Peter Pez [Summer Convention]
    16. Phineas
    17. Queen Chrysalis (Glitter)
    18. Robin
    19. Rocket and Groot (Vol. 2)
    20. Santa
    21. Silver Screen Monsters (4-Pack) (Metallic)    – Done by hptoolhead, thanks!
    22. Sleestak (Glow in the Dark) (Green)
    23. Sleestak (Metallic) (Smoke)
    24. Snowman
    25. Superman
    26. The Joker
    27. The Joker (Suit)
    28. The Penguin
    29. Tweety
    30. Vision (Chrome Base)
    31. Wally Gator (Metallic)
    32. Witch
    33. Wonder Woman
    34. Wonder Woman
    35. Yoda (Spirit) (Chrome Base)


We look forward to hearing from you and appreciate your patience during our big migration. As always, let us know if you have any questions about images in the comments here.   If you have questions on the migration read the FAQ here first and then contact us from that page.


2 thoughts on “Nothing Explains Things Better Than a Good Image

  1. This seems like a good spot to ask a couple questions. Why are the serial numbers put on the bottoms of the Pop boxes differently? Some are stamped,like the pic above, some have stickers with serial numbers, and some just have the serial numbers printed on the bottom? Also, my Woody Woodpecker Chase box has a slightly different pics on the front and side of the Pop box that differs from the ones on the box in the database? Would you like me to send you guys pics of what I’m talking about? Keep up the good work!

    1. Great questions and we are sure that other members here will have the answers! And yes, send us images!

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