It’s Here! The Super-Charged Pop Price Guide has Officially Arrived!

We’ve turned the keys to the ignition. The newly upgraded Pop Price Guide is ready to roll!

The process of supercharging the engines that power PPG is complete. It’s time to start enjoying the new features.

From our humble beginnings, we’ve added more than 10,000 items and 1.2 million prices in our quest to create the most complete Funko database.

Fueled by your support, we’ve built a community of collectors, fans and volunteers to keep us honest, current and on our toes every day. Our shared reward was a partnership with Funko to provide pricing for their app and content for their marketplace.

Due to some outdated technology, however, we’ve had trouble in the past implementing new features.

With these latest upgrades, that’s about to change, courtesy of hobbyDB’s technology, which will deliver the speed, features and reliability that PPG’ers have asked for.

Look for theses changes to be implemented over the next 24 hours.

Your new profile

If you had at least one item in your Collection or Want List, we automatically transitioned your profile into the new system that’s powered by our sister site, hobbyDB.

The only thing we ask of you, will be to reset the password on your profile (an important step to ensure we protect your privacy). Reset your password here.

If you already had an account with hobbyDB, we used that user name for your PPG profile. For those of you new to hobbyDB, your user name remains the same name as your Pop Price Guide account.

There were two exceptions, however. If your PPG username was already taken on hobbyDB by someone with a different email address, we added “_ppg” to the end of your username. The same goes for usernames that contained numbers only, which are not supported on hobbyDB.

We can always update your username for you if you’d like, just shoot us an email at

So what’s new?

You’re going to want to peruse the most complete Funko database in the world, so we punched up search features (database, subjects, marketplace), as well as site speed.

Variants & subvariants

Time to dive deep into your fandom and fill out the missing pieces from your collection.

Through new varianting and subvarianting tools, you’ll be able to distinguish between flocked, chrome and all different versions of an item in one convenient location.

Variant view

Subvariant View

Wish List integration

Don’t miss out on that coveted vinyl figure again. We’ve got you covered with email and onsite notifications that  alert you when an item on your Wish List has been posted for sale on the PPG Marketplace.


We’re charting new territory with the introduction of…well…charts! Our new price charts track the history of an item’s value and does so in a spiffy new fashion.

Selling made easier

We’ve made selling an item on the PPG Marketplace as simple as clicking a button. Now you can sell direct from your collection, making inventory management a breeze.

Say cheese

Show off your collection with personalized avatar and banner images. We’ve also upgraded our famous Top 10 lists to provide you ultimate bragging rights.

More images

We’re expanding our already robust Funko database with even more images of items to help you get a better look.

Still to come in the future

Customizable lists

Separate your Star Wars and your Marvel collection using our new customizable list feature. Here you’ll be able to create shareable lists tailored specifically to your collection.

Social media collecting

Find your friends and fellow PPGers with our new social tool that allows you to follow and get updates from their collections.

Even more data

If Pops!, Dorbz and anything else in the Funko universe are exclusively your thing, then Pop Price Guide is for you. For those of you whose passion for collecting extends beyond Funko, we suggest you visit hobbyDB to find everything from Hot Wheels and Hard Rock Cafe pins to trading cards, comic books and anything else fans collect. The best part? Your account works the same for both PPG and hobbyDB.

PPG & hobbyDB

Now that Pop Price Guide and hobbyDB are working alongside one another, making changes is faster and easier. Check out even more features to come here. Let us know what you’d like to see!

Thank you

We’re very excited about the opportunity to provide the Pop Price Guide experience that we’ve always envisioned and that you deserve. Rest assured that despite the upgrade and supercharged engines, the PPG you know and love for its extensive catalog, price valuations and collection management tools will remain.

If you have any issues or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at

21 thoughts on “It’s Here! The Super-Charged Pop Price Guide has Officially Arrived!

    1. Yes, tell me what you would like to see here (send me a ticket using the green button) and I will come back to you.

      1. Lets start with the Loki signed ones from the mystery box which has just gone out, free comics. 🙂 would love to get one.

        1. Tough subject as there could be so many different version. We are considering this and will do something here once there is more time (got to do better sorting first 😉 )

    1. Try the search or the Subject pages? All Pops have prices, charts (NEW), eBay prices, hobbyDB and PPG prices (new) with more to come.

      We are happy to help or to make changes but please be specific in your asks.

  1. According to the policy, “Starting on January 1st, 2020, hobbyDB will charge a fee of $9.99 per month to operate a store.”

    I’d like you to confirm or deny this before I begin selling on PPG, I’m fine paying around 10% fees total but not the $10 fee per month on top of that.. it’s more than unreasonable.

    1. We got a store solution as a stand alone solution if you want your own website and that only applies to that (and we did not do yet, need to change that – thanks for letting me know).

  2. I would like to see my collection listed with values under the images instead of having to click through twice to see it’s worth. It would also be nice to see collections listed by genre. These things have been removed from the former platform and were very useful to have a quick view of your collection and it’s individual values outside the top ten.

    1. Hi Sharon, we just added the prices on the right-hand side of the collection –

      There are also links to the price details there (saving one click). And we are working on allowing you to your own categories.

      1. A lot of prices are not accurate. For instance in my collection list, Mia Wallace is listed at $75 but in my Showcase, it shows $100 and when I click through to database entry it says $90. “Showcase” should have your top ten and a list of your entire collection – sorted categorically – with accurate values.

  3. I’ve looked through all the FAQ and help topics, and didn’t really find an answer to this question: Can we add entries for custom items through the curation process? Right now I manage a separate list from PPG because I have a lot of customs to include in my list. If we can add the customs here, that’d be great because I could go back to just maintaining one list, but if not, it’s still going to be difficult for me to use this as my primary collection list.

    Also just noting that I’m REALLY looking forward to the customized lists feature, and I hope that is added soon.

  4. Hi Margaret, there are many ways to do that but easiest is to type in the name of the pop and its number, say Elsa 74 to get you to the result you are looking for (see it here.)

  5. will you please tell me how to use this website. all i want to do is to see how much a funco pop is worth. i use to use it just a couple of weeks ago. i cannot figure it out. i know it sounds stupid, but i just don’t see where to or how to look up a pop!! thank you.

    1. Just search, that you are looking for the Pink Chrome Batman the search will show you the item and price (see here) and you can go in to see the new price chart, the traditional price matrix and price points (now from eBay and hobbyDB!). You can do the same from your collection and a few other places.

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