Pop! Me: Rodrigo Honores Morales and His Magical Collection

For Rodrigo Honores Morales, there’s magic in his collection. And not just because of his affinity for all things Pop! Harry Potter.

The true magic arrives on the faces of family and friends and the memories that collecting Pop! figures instills.

Rodrigo is the latest PPG’er to share his collection with us as part of our Pop Price Guide Collector Showcase.

Meet Pop! Rodrigo Honores Morales…

  • How many Pop!s do you have in your collection?

I have 1,234 items in my collection according to PPG. Of which approximately 1,000 are pops the rest are Mystery Minis, Rock Candy, Dorbz and Wacky Wobblers! I love the other lines as much as the pops!

  • What type of Pop!s do you collect? What’s your favorite line of Pop! figures?

I started collecting because of Harry Potter! I’m huge fan of JK Rowling world! Later I started with Disney. Those are my larger collections, but I also collect LOTR, Naruto, Friends, and any pop that I like! My favorite Pop line is Harry Potter hands down.

  • What and when was your first Pop!? How did you get it?

My first pop is Harry in Quidditch Robes #8, a very special person gave it to me and when I first saw it I was hooked. That was on October 15, 2016.

  • What is your Grail? Do you own it? If so, where is it displayed?

I have had several Pops that I have wanted and have been able to get, and whenever one gets that Pop that we thought was unreachable, you end up wanting another one that is even more difficult lol! In my case I always wanted the 9-inch Mickey and now I already have it! But now I want the Blue & Red 9-inch Mickey! That one is AWESOME! Another one that I really, really want is the Pop Minis The Disney/Pixar Collection 4-Pack. Those would fit perfectly with my collection of Pop Mini Packs! I do not have a special place for my 9-inch Mickey, I have it with my 10-inch Mickeys 🙂

  • What Pop! is your collection missing

I’m missing the latest Harry Potter convention exclusives! I have my Harry Potter collection almost complete, but Funko gives no break, so we have to keep up with the new releases. As soon as I can I will grab those!

  • Why collect Pop! figures?

It brings me so much joy.  Not only for me, but also for my friends and family. When they come to visit me or see my pictures and they said things like “ohhh that’s a great movie,” or “those cartoons I saw when I was little,” I can see the joy in their faces for remembering something that was good for them. And the same thing happens to me! When I see the new releases or a Pop arrives to my house I get so excited and happy. Besides, it is very fun to take pictures of them! I always have a great time doing that!

Thank you for sharing, Rodrigo!

Want to show off your collection? Answer the same six questions above and send a few pictures of you and your collection to us at support@hobbydb.com.

17 thoughts on “Pop! Me: Rodrigo Honores Morales and His Magical Collection

  1. Wow what an amazing collection. Much admired. You must feel really awesome in that brilliant Pop room! Thanks for sharing. DNO

  2. If The Funko Overlords ever decided to hand out Medals for certain collections. You Rodrigo should not only get a pure gold one but it should be Pop shaped. (and look like you) YOU ROCK!!!

  3. Fantastic collection! I just started watching Harry Potter and have begun looking at Pops. Lord help me LOL. Also that art of Luna is amazing! Is that available online anywhere?

    1. Hi! Thank you so much! HP is awesome! The best thing you could read/see! The Luna art I bought it here in Perú from a local artist who did things like that on wood, I loved them and I gave him the designs I wanted and he made them!!

  4. Great collection it’s a good start… congrats.. still have to go some to come close to my collection with over 3000 funko pops and growing. Maybe I will submit my collection to funko..

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