Outside the Pop! Box: Mythic Markets turning holy grails into something you can actually own

We like to think of the collectible universe as one big family. So we’re always excited to highlight some of the companies revolutionizing the industry, such as Mythic Markets.

Whether we’re collectors of rare Funko Pop or vintage Hot Wheels, one thing unites us all…the holy grail from our favorite fandoms. There’s always that one thing that seems out of reach.

For Joe Mahavuthivanij of Mythic Markets, it was the Alpha Black Lotus from the popular trading card game, Magic: The Gathering. Sometimes selling in the six figures, the crown jewel of the Power Nine is more than most people can afford. The same goes for many other high-grade collectibles, like some of those comic books and trading cards you loved as a kid.

But according to Joe, ownership doesn’t have to be a dream. “We’re building Mythic Markets so more fans with average paychecks can have a shot at owning something awesome, that has both nostalgic and potentially investment value,” he said. “We do this by splitting the collectible into shares, which investors can purchase to become a part-owner of the asset.”

Mythic Markets is part of a new wave of companies offering fractional ownership in collectibles, although they uniquely focus on geek and pop culture.

Their first offering was — what else? — the long-coveted Alpha Black Lotus.

Next up, it’s a collection of 1994 Booster Boxes from Magic: The Gathering. It’s very rare to find a complete, sealed set from this pivotal year in the game’s development. Considering how many of Magic’s most recognizable cards came out of these sets, we can’t help but wonder what treasures these boxes might hold?

Magic the Gathering

Trading cards are just the beginning for Mythic Markets. In the next several months they’re planning to release opportunities for partial ownership in vintage comics, fantasy art, and even e-sports teams. The proud owners can then get a portion of the profits if the asset is liquidated.

The 1994 Booster Boxes offering opens May 13, at $27.50 per share. What else would you like to own a piece of?

4 thoughts on “Outside the Pop! Box: Mythic Markets turning holy grails into something you can actually own

  1. This sounds like a scam to me. I know how it works. Me and my friends use to do it when we were kids. Hey let’s go in on the 1989 Ken Griffey Jr. Rookie card. I’ll keep it at my house one week then you keep it at your house the next week. Guess what, it never worked out. I’ll just keep buying pops. No thank you.

  2. In idea it’s pretty much the same as owning a share of a company. However the reason I don’t think it will work is simple: we collectors take joy in having our items in our home on display. We collect because the thrill of knowing you own that ‘holy grail’ item comes from seeing it on our shelves. No one wants to share an item with strangers. Especially when someone else is going to have the item in an undisclosed location. Nobody wants to add a picture and a certificate to their collection. Mythic Markets is for investors who just want money. I’ll stick to saving up/bargain hunting for the stuff I want.

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