PPG Sticker Split: 2015 San Diego Comic Con

This year’s San Diego Comic Con might be cancelled because of the global pandemic, but the SDCC is still on our mind as we push on with our PPG Sticker Split campaign.

Our latest edition takes us to the 2015 San Diego Comic Con.

Many of Funko’s convention items traditionally come with two variants: one with a convention sticker (SDCC, NYCC, ECCC and Celebration) and another with a shared exclusive sticker (i.e. Hot Topic, Target or Walmart).

Up to now, those items were regarded as one listing in PPG. Now we’re working our way back in time to “split” the items from conventions past to ensure even greater accuracy within the guide.

If you have a convention exclusive that you’d like to see us split, simply drop us a comment below. Stay tuned next week for more from the PPG Sticker Split campaign.

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6 thoughts on “PPG Sticker Split: 2015 San Diego Comic Con

  1. I’d like to see the variations in signed Funkos. I have a lot signed that are probably worth 2-3x as much. What’s a $10 funko worth when it’s signed by someone famous?

    1. AGREED,i have a couple signed as well and would love to know the worth of them. I also think they should include a split for preleased stickers like Gus Fring and the original naruto.

      1. Considering you can buy fake stickers on eBay I don’t think it would be worth splitting every single variant.

    1. We listed New York Comic Con and other specials together with the version you could get in retail as they are basically the same item. The only difference is the sticker on the front right. But as some folks want both and they have different values we are now listing them separately and do the same for past listings and are now almost done with this.

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