Only Two Weeks Left to Own a Piece of Pop Price Guide

Late last year, we decided to open our doors to the collecting community and give our members a chance to own a piece of Pop Price Guide and the hobbyDB family of brands. It’s always been our ambition for our members to truly own Pop Price Guide. That’s why we chose Wefunder as a partner – they’re a bit like Kickstarter, but for investing. Since then, we’ve raised more than $100,000 and have over 280 collectors that are now officially owners!

In two weeks, the first round of our crowdfunding campaign will come to a close. After speaking with many of you from the collecting community, we felt it was important that we give our members the best share price possible to ensure everyone has the opportunity to own a piece of PPG and the hobbyDB family.

The beauty of our campaign (and the reason why we decided to go this route) is that anyone can invest, especially our dedicated community members who passionately care about the difference between flocked, chrome and all of the subtle differences that make the industry great.

And as an investor, if we do well, so will you. When you invest in us, you are buying actual shares of the company. As we move forward, the overall goal is to become the epicenter of the collectible world and when possible, pay dividends to our shareholders, based on your ownership percentage of the company. Also, there is always the opportunity of acquisition, where you would receive a portion of the payment of the sales price (find more on that via the crowdfunding campaign page).

Amidst all the uncertainty going on in our communities right now, we decided it was right to adjust our valuation in order to give our supporters the best possible deal before the crowdfunding round officially closes.

With this change, your investment now gets you close to twice the number of shares that you had with the previous valuation.

We know some potential investors were on the fence because of the higher valuation. In fact, over the weekend, we received an additional $30,000 in investments.

Invest in hobbyDB: Finally, a marketplace for the $450B fan merch market | Wefunder

With PPGers and fellow collectors stuck at home, we’re seeing a large uptick in people revisiting their old hobbies, especially collecting. That bodes well for the industry, particularly the world of Funko and beyond. CNN, for example, recently featured hobbyDB, the engine that powers Pop Price Guide, in an article detailing the growing collectibles market.

Your investment will help us empower the collecting experience with new tools to better manage your collection. Some of those features, such as price charts and detailed varianting, can already be found on hobbyDB.

Time is running short, however, for those looking to own a piece of Pop Price Guide or for those looking to invest more. The campaign officially closes on April 17.

The recent weeks have taught us how closely connected we truly are and is a humble reminder that we’re all in this together. Be safe and happy Pop! hunting.