Funko Whittles Up Pop! Groot (Wood Deco)

If there ever was a Marvel character more deserving of Funko’s Wood Deco treatment, it’s Groot.

Marvel’s knotty hero is the second in Funko’s exclusive Wood Deco collaboration with Entertainment Earth, following Captain America (Wood Deco) from 2019.

Pop! Groot (Wood Deco) goes on sale in April. But you can pre-order your Entertainment Earth exclusive today.

Pre-order Pop! Groot (Wood Deco)

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2 thoughts on “Funko Whittles Up Pop! Groot (Wood Deco)

  1. This is lovely, but I feel like it’d be perfect if the eyes were the regular black. Harder to do, I know, but this would be one of the best pop figures ever made if it had them.

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