PPG Sticker Split: Closing Out the 2016 SDCC

It’s time for another round from Pop Price Guide’s Sticker Split campaign as we proudly finish off the 2016 San Diego Comic Con.

We’re closing out the ’16 SDCC run by splitting the likes of some notorious heroes and villains from Star Wars, DC Comics and The Walking Dead, as well as Dug and his Cone of Shame.

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Many of Funko’s convention items traditionally come with two variants: one with a convention sticker (SDCC, NYCC, ECCC and Celebration) and another with a shared exclusive sticker (i.e. Hot Topic, Target or Walmart).

Up to now, those items were regarded as one listing in PPG. Now we’re working our way back in time to “split” the items from conventions past to ensure even greater accuracy within the guide.

If you have a convention exclusive that you’d like to see us split, simply drop us a comment below. Next up in the Sticker Split Campaign will the 2015 San Diego Comic Con!

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