Pop! Me: Denise Vyse, Harley Quinn Aficionado

Harley Quinn said it best when the DC Comics’ heroine opined that “sometimes the only way to stay sane is to go a little crazy.”

Denise Vyse’s collection borders on the insanely great with a particular nod to strong women such as Daenerys Targaryan and the aforementioned Harley Quinn.

Denise is the latest PPG’er to share her collection with us as part of our Pop Price Guide Collector Showcase.

Meet Pop! Denise Vyse…

How many Pop!s do you have in your collection?

Hi! My collection (including PEZ, PPKs, etc) is at 557. Two years ago, I had about 150.

What type of Pop!s do you collect? What is your favorite line of Pop! figures?

The majority of my Pops are DC Universe (especially Harley Quinn). I have bought a few pops that I’m not necessarily a “fan” of, but the Pop! is so damn awesome. (Ex: Pride, Prejudice & Zombies). All the others I have are my favorite characters from my TV, movies and books.

What and when was your first Pop!? How did you get it?

My first Pop was a duo. I had to pick up Khal Drago & Khaleesi so they could be together forever. I was trying to decide if I liked Daenerys better with the gold or red dragon. A little boy said he wanted the red so I settled for the gold. That was before I knew that Pops would be considered “collectibles.” I just wanted GoT chilling with me in my office.

What is your Holy Grail? Do you own it? If so, where is it displayed?

I guess my Holy Grail pop would be Freddy Funko as The Mad Hatter. I don’t own him. But he would be on display next to Alice in her Tea Cup if I did!

What Pop! is your collection missing?

I am missing Walmart Dr. Harleen and Metallic Harley Quinn. There are a couple of other HQs I need, oh, the black and red HT diamond! Oh, oh, oh and HQ & Joker at the Beach… yeah… just those. LOLOL

Why collect Pop!s?

I didn’t have toys as a kid because I moved too much, so comics were handy! I guess I just like having things around me that makes the story go on. (DC, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones) And, they’re so fracking cute! I’m mostly an in-the-box collector and they’re for me… I don’t really let anyone touch them. They’re mine. All mine. Moowhahaha.

4 thoughts on “Pop! Me: Denise Vyse, Harley Quinn Aficionado

  1. Very cool collection story. Did not realize you guys did this on your site. It’s nice to be able to share our collections and get to know each other. Is there a way to submit for the future?

    1. Really glad you enjoyed it. It’s a new feature we’re trying to get going. Hit me up at christopher@hobbydb.com, use “Collector Showcase” in the subject line, and I’ll send you the questionnaire. Thanks!

  2. I don’t have nearly this amount of POP!’s, but was also curious how someone can get featured!

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