Funko Looks to the Future with Pop! Altered Carbon

Funko delivers us to the year 2384 with the introduction of its Pop! Altered Carbon collection.

Takeshi Kovacs makes his Pop! Television debut with a trio of Pop! Vinyl figures dedicated to the mercenary from the Netflix cyberpunk drama “Altered Carbon.”

Able to change forms, Takeshi takes on Birth Kovacs, Elias Ryker and Wedge Sleeve forms to complete the set.

Pop! Altered Carbon will be available later this month. Pre-order yours today.

Pre-Order Pop! Altered Carbon

Pop In A Box (US)
Pop In A Box (UK)


One thought on “Funko Looks to the Future with Pop! Altered Carbon

  1. So happy I get to finally have a takeshi in both sleeves and Birth body! Wish they had done one in the line up as an exclusive.

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