Funko Reveals: Emerald City Comic Con 2020

It’s that time of year when Funko dazzles us with all its latest reveals from the 2020 Emerald City Comic Con.

And we must say, we’re a little green with envy at those that get to visit the Apple State’s annual show held this year between March 12-15 at the Washington State Convention Center.

For those that can’t make it, stick with us and we’ll fill you in on all of this year’s great reveals.

This is a live blog, so check back throughout the day as we continue to update you on the latest. Visit us again tomorrow for the second of three days of Funko Emerald City Comic Con 2020 reveals.

Pop! Dragon Ball Z

Pop! Gelatinous Cube (Dungeons & Dragons)

Pop! Masters of the Universe

Pop! Heroes (DC Comics)

Pop! Starship Troopers

Pop! Zero & Gustave (The Grand Budapest Hotel)

Pop! Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

6 thoughts on “Funko Reveals: Emerald City Comic Con 2020

  1. I like the Gelatinous Cube Pop! It looks like a cube that ate a Pop! And dissolved its flesh.

      1. The dissolver looks like sponge-bob. So sponge bob eats all of our collections one day. Now wonder

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