Funko Reveals: 2020 Emerald City Comic Con – Day 3

It might be Abraham Lincoln’s birthday, but we’re heading back to the state of Washington for Day 3 of Funko’s 2020 Emerald City Comic Con reveals.

The first two days have brought us a wealth of new vinyl figures ranging from to Vegeta (Eating Noodles) and Zatanna to Milhouse and a Thanos with Detachable Arm.

This is a live blog, so check back throughout the day as we continue to update you on the latest reveals for the ECCC, which takes place March 12-15 at the Washington State Convention Center.

Day 2 Reveals

Day 1 Reveals

Pop! Mushu Riding Panda (6-Inch) & Pop! Fauna, Flora & Merryweather (3-Pack)

Pop! Pokemon

Pop! Loch Ness Monster (Glow in the Dark)

Pop! Indiana Jones with Idol (10-Inch)

Pop! Town Freddy Funko with Funko HQ

Pop! Crusaderette and Pop! Crusaders (2-Pack)

Pop! PEZ Boy (Fireman)

Pop! The Great Gazoo & Vinyl Soda: Huckleberry Hound

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