Funko Debuts Disney/Pixar Pop! Onward Collection

Funko once again opens its palace doors to Disney and Pixar with the introduction of its Pop! Onward collection.

The new set arrives with seven Pop! Vinyl figures dedicated to the upcoming animated film due in theaters on March 6. Funko originally debuted the collection as part of its London Toy Fair reveals, introducing us to the likes of Ian Lightfoot, Wilden Lightfoot and Manticore. That’s in addition to Barley Lightfoot, who also receives a Warrior variant exclusive to Amazon.

Rounding out the set is Unicorn and its Blue Glitter Hot Topic Chase Piece.

The Pop! Onward collection is available now. Order yours here.

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Pop In A Box (UK)


2 thoughts on “Funko Debuts Disney/Pixar Pop! Onward Collection

  1. Why did they only change the horn for the unicorn they could have just made a whole different color for the unicorn not just the horn but i still respect funko for their decisions. But why tho just the horn come on.

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