PPG Sticker Split: 2016 San Diego Comic Con Continues

We might have recently welcomed 2020 into our lives, but as far as the Pop Price Guide Sticker Split Campaign goes…we’re still, happily, stuck in 2016.

Our most current Sticker Split endeavor keeps us in 2016, particularly at that year’s marvelous San Diego Comic Con.

Many of Funko’s convention items traditionally come with two variants: one with a convention sticker (SDCC, NYCC, ECCC and Celebration) and another with a shared exclusive sticker (i.e. Hot Topic, Target or Walmart).

Up to now, those items were regarded as one listing in the Pop Price Guide. Now we’re working our way back in time to “split” the items from conventions past to ensure even greater accuracy within the guide.

If you have a convention exclusive that you’d like to see us to split, simply drop us a comment below. And stay tuned for more 2016 SDCC sticker splits and beyond.

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3 thoughts on “PPG Sticker Split: 2016 San Diego Comic Con Continues

    1. some pops will have a convention sticker with a exclusive sticker, they also have the same pop with either just the exclusive sticker or convention sticker. they currently have some of the pops priced the same with either sticker. they are splitting the pops where the prices differ if it has a exclusive sticker, convention sticker, or both.

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