Behold! Pop! The Child has Arrived From a Galaxy Far Away

The Mandalorian is in possession of Pop! The Child and now, courtesy of Funko, you can join the galaxy’s bounty hunters in the quest to add the fuzzy prize to your collection.

Grab your fob, because the wide-eyed and lovable “baby Yoda” is finally arriving via hyperspace in Pop! The Child form. Not to be outdone, The Child also receives a 10-inch Pop! Vinyl figure, which some might argue is an actual life-sized version of arguably the most talked-about new character of 2019.

The new Pop! Star Wars set are part of Funko’s Pop! The Mandalorian collection, which features Mando, as well as the likes of IG-11, Kuiil and Cara Dunes.

You’re going to have to wait until May to find Pop! The Child on the store shelves. But you can pre-order yours today.

Preorder Pop! The Child

Pop! The Child

Pop! The Child

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