Funko Returns Us to Han Dynasty with Pop! Mulan

The Pop! Mulan figure that blooms in adversity…is the most rare and beautiful of them all.

Ok…so Funko’s new Pop! Mulan won’t be that rare, but the beauty is hard to argue against. The company has announced five new Pop! Disney figures dedicated to the 1998 animated family adventure. Mulan receives a pair of new Pop! Vinyl figures, including the titular character Disguised as Soldier Ping, as well as Mulan riding her horse Khan.

Mushu returns with both his Gong and in 10-Inch Super Sized Pop! form cradling Cricket.

The set also marks the debut of Li Shang.

Pop! Mulan won’t go on sale until February. But you can pre-order yours today.

Preorder Pop! Mulan

Pop! MulanPop! Mulan

Pop! MulanPop! Mulan

Pop! Mulan

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