Why We Decided to do Crowdfunding – A letter to our PPG’ers

Dear fellow PPG’ers,

We here at Pop Price Guide have always strived to create the ultimate resource for our dedicated and passionate community of PPG’ers. We’ve built the tools to help you keep track of your collection and are always working to provide the most up-to-date price tracking metrics (now even used by the Funko App).

Over the past year, we’ve received a ton of requests for new features such as a dedicated PPG App, more ways to sort and manage your collections, and improvements to our search algorithms so that you can find things easier!

Of course we would love to do all of these things, but in order to have the resources to fast-track these requests, we need your help.

Pop Price Guide

A couple of days ago, we announced that all PPG’ers now have the opportunity to own a piece of Pop Price Guide and the hobbyDB family of brands as part of our new crowdfunding campaign.

By supporting Pop Price Guide and hobbyDB, you’ll help to strengthen an already tight community and reap the benefits of new and upgraded tools to empower your collecting experience — including (most importantly) the highly-anticipated Pop Price Guide App.



Pop Price Guide is growing every day. Here’s your chance to be a part of it. If you’re interested in owning a piece of PPG and the hobbyDB family, check out our WeFunder profile. Ownership begins at only $220. We set that price as low as possible to give as many of you the ability to become an owner of Pop Price Guide. We also created a quick video that explains in further detail our overall mission and future.



We want to hear from you
Pop Price Guide

We’re always open to your feedback and questions or anything you’d like to discuss. Contact us at support@hobbydb.com. Thank you for being a valued part of the Pop Price Guide and hobbyDB family.

All the best,

The Geeks at Pop Price Guide
Christopher, Anastasia, Kevin, Mario and Andrew